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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 19, 2018

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5 Things RAAVE TAPES Love About Brisbane

5 Things RAAVE TAPES Love About Brisbane
Olivia Gliku

To celebrate the release of their latest single, RAAVE TAPES are hitting the road with the Suds Tour. Stopping by Brisbane on June 21st, to play at the Foundry. In an ode to Brisvegas, the band has penned the top five things they love about Brisbane.


One of our favourite tour past times is dropping into the local guitar shop & falling in love with all the instruments we can’t afford. TYM’s is one of the better ones – with a really interesting array of vintage oddball guitars & amps lining the walls, a huge selection of pedals, as well as a healthy record collection. We all drooled over their collection of weird old Italian electric guitars last time ‘round. Can’t wait poke our heads in again.



On our last tour, Brisbane was the very last leg. We flew up on a Saturday, having played Melbourne the night before – all of us nursing pretty sizeable hangovers. We hopped onto the surprisingly expensive airport link train into the city and  settled into our seats. At the next stop, the most adorable elderly couple got on and  sat right next to us. They began asking inquisitively about all of our gear cases & what we were doing in Brisbane. The conversation flowed as the Brisbane natives regaled us with tales of their past, pointing out their old family homes, where they went to school & even the church where they married. Their playful banter and obvious adoration of one another was so damned life affirming. We all strongly recommend this hangover cure.


Last Brisvegas outing, we were so damned lucky to be invited to play a house show the night after our show at The Foundry. As I said above, our energy levels were running pretty damned low so late in the tour, but with this absolute dream lineup saying no wasn’t an option. Horror My Friend, Sweater Curse and The PBs — BIIIIG RIGHT? Harrison and the rest of the household were so damned welcoming & we met so many wonderful people. House shows are the best.



Most Brisbane folk I’ve talked to have such a love/hate relationship with Fortitude Valley. Like Passion Pop, they got way too pissed there a few times and now struggle to stomach it unless they have to. For us Novocastrian outsiders, it’s an absolute mecca. To have that many live music venues, pubs and clubs all located in one centralised area is the stuff we could only dream of. Plus the huge array of late night snack options is so refreshing. Last time I got a Gyros, Lew settled on a Vege dog, while Lindsay opted for the hot chippies. I can already taste the garlic sauce.



If you know, you know.

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What: RAAVE TAPES’ Suds Tour
Where: The Foundry, 228 Wickham St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
When: Thursday, June 21st @8pm
How Much: $12.75
Website: link to website
More Info: 18+ event

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