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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 11, 2018

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Aurelia Talks Are We Losing

Aurelia Talks Are We Losing

| On 30, Oct 2017

Singer-songwriter Aurelia recently joined us to discuss her debut track, Are We Losing. A musician since a young age, Aurelia found herself returning to writing and performing after a few years off. A previously self proclaimed ‘bedroom artist’, Aurelia recently took to the BIGSOUND stage, and has returned to working on her solo project, a promising one.

For those who aren’t familiar with Aurelia‘s work, she says that her goal is to create something, “really beautiful and expansive”.

“.. it’s hard because there’s no direct reference, in terms of being able to say, ‘you know, it’s really similar to this or that, because I’m always just chasing a feeling.” So I would say expansive.”


You can catch Aurelia‘s Grammy nominated writing on Are We Losing. The track is her first collaboration on her solo project, following a collection of unreleased solo music. She says that this collaboration provided “the best experience of [her] life.”

“The actual creation of it happened in LA. It was honestly so serendipitous. I was over there with one of my best friends who I do so much of my music with, Thrones, and we do a lot of writing on other projects together. We just by chance, through another friend, met these two guys, Justin and Jeremy Byrne, who are producers and I just got the opportunity to be in a room with people who wanted to support me exploring. I was looking for something that I couldn’t quite explain. I didn’t have the way to articulate it yet. I just needed to search and they provided me this incredible space of doing that and were all so creative. I was trying to incorporate and apply some of the principles from my martial arts”

“We sort of came to the idea of the pursuit of something, from one single source, in this case being the artist… There’s no instruments in the entire thing and the beats, we went down to Santa Monica Peir, one afternoon on the beach and collected a whole heap of samples of different things, of me using sort of different techniques to hit different things and collected all the samples and went back and created it together…”

Aurelia‘s track was recently remixed by Sensible J, a fellow Melbourne artist whose work Aurelia says she has long admired. You can listen to it here.

Sensible J Artwork

“There’s such a humility in his work and obviously just this insane abundance of talent. It’s just crazy what he does. We got in touch and he was just so responsive to the track, which is so amazing because it’s so undone. That track was a demo and it’s so raw, and it was an immediate sort of vibe, in terms of the idea of us doing something together. I was obviously just so wrapped for him, to see where that would go. The idea that someone would give it a different life, was super exciting, and then he did!”

One of the other artists who helped bring Are We Losing to life is Gavin Beasley, one of Aurelia‘s best friends who created the visuals for the track’s music video.

“He was the guy, actually, who we met the two producers through. We’d just been friends for so long, really appreciated each others art, and always talked about working together… it all just circled in and it was so kind of synergistic in terms of the circle of people that knew each other and had worked together to create this living thing, and all had a connection to it. So, it was the most natural thing on Earth to work with him on the visuals. He just has such a gift for vision.”

“I sort of knew it needed to be him because i wanted something really vivid and that had the same freedom as the song, that had movement and had this kind of swimming, hopeful feeling about it. If you said that about some people, they’d just look at you strangely. But talking to Gavin… he’s just out of control. We did that and that’s what we got.”

If you’re as excited to follow Aurelia‘s career as we are, be sure to keep track of her here here. She says that she plans to make 2018 a big year of live performances, and following her BIGSOUND set, we know it’s something you won’t want to miss.