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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 23, 2018

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AboutAlice White, Author at The Creative Issue

Alice White

Alice White

I'm currently studying Fashion and Marketing at QUT, hoping to one day make it into the fashion industry. I guess you could say I'm a little to obsessed with The Devil Wears Prada but I'm only human after all. I'm hoping at the end of the tunnel to be one day travelling the world doing what I love and hopefully be involved in a fashion week here and there.

Posts By Alice White

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Sydney: Weekend Edition

May 23, 2018 |

It’s that time of year again, Sydney Fashion Week. Read More

Ethical Fashion on the Red Carpet 2018

May 18, 2018 |

Ethical Fashion. While it looked like Fast Fashion had taken the lead in the fashion industry it seems as though the ethical clothing/Slow Fashion movement is making a slow but powerful comeback. Read More

Art in Fashion: RHOR Designs

May 10, 2018 |

Imagine if artists like Van Gough, Klimt and Matisse had an online store? Read More

Bella Brown: Behind the Runway

May 6, 2018 |

Everyone at some point in their life thinks about what it would like to strut down a runway, Read More