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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 18, 2018

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Golden Vessel on Right/Side Tour

Golden Vessel on Right/Side Tour

| On 01, Feb 2018

We recently caught up with Golden Vessel, aka Max. After wrapping up a huge 2017, Golden Vessel is back on tour, taking his killer EP, Right/Side along the East Coast.

The tour kicks off in Sydney tomorrow and Golden Vessel let us in on how he’s feeling, and what you can expect from the shows.

“Really excited! Playing shows is my favourite thing to do and we’ve got a couple of new songs that are a bit more upbeat and fun so really looking forward to playing those.”

Right/Side is an instant personal favourite. It’s chilled out, catchy, and a straight-up pleasure to listen to

“I wrote that EP over nine months with my friends. Every song started with writing with a friend in the same room as me which I think you can hear and then I would then tinker with it.”

The Right/Side tour features a stellar selection of supports. Melbourne’s audience will be treated to the soulful Janeva, imbi the girl’s flow will take over in Sydney, and back home in Brisbane, vocal powerhouse, Rivah will be taking the stage.The cherry on top? Taj Ralph‘s groove will be featured on all shows.

“I saw Taj play at BIGSOUND and it was the best showcase of the week. Since then we’ve become friends and it’s further affirmed how talented he is. The openers are all artists that I’m excited by their music. I haven’t seen any of them live before so really keen to see what they bring!”


After his own headline tour, national supports for The Kite String Tangle, and of course the release of Right/Side, 2017 was a huge year for Golden Vessel. We had to ask what’s next on his seemingly endless agenda.

“I’m midway writing an album so just gonna be working away at that and getting some production work down for my friends. Also going to Japan for a holiday a week after tour.”

“Well I was in my last year of uni while doing that and then I kind of came out of that and went to Melb then Syd then LA to write and now I’m here. Japan will be the break though!”

If there’s one thing we love more than a Brisbane artist, it’s Brisbane artists collaborating together. Golden Vessel worked with Mallrat, Emerson Leif, and OKBADLANDS on Right/Side. He told us about the influence these artists had on the tracks’ sounds.

“Working on other people’s music always influences me because I step out of my box to cater towards their style then I end up learning new techniques or trying new sounds. Also ’cause I genuinely love all their music when we’re in the room writing I’m always trying to work out the middle ground between them and I so you can hear both our influence on a song.”

So who and where would Golden Vessel list as other local favourites when it comes to artists and venues?

“A lot of Cub Sport! And I really love Foundry and The Triffid cause they feel nice and sound really good.”

Outside of local artists, Golden Vessel says, “All I’m listening to at the moment is BROCKHAMPTON. They are insane.”

To finish up, I wanted to know, If he could pass on one message to the fans who’ll be joining you at The Foundry on Saturday, what that would be.

“Let’s sway”

If you’re interested in swaying the night away with Golden Vessel, you can find the details bellow.

The Details

What: Golden Vessel Right/Side East Coast Tour

Where: The Foundry

When: Opens 8pm

How Much: $17.85


More Info: This is an 18+ event