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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 14, 2018

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Howlite Your Newest Saviour

Howlite Your Newest Saviour

| On 30, Nov 2017

Melbourne’s Howlite have been called everything from dark pop to goth folk. They’re a quartet with different musical backgrounds and styles, who produce a fascinating hybrid style. Howlite‘s vocalist, Alison Thom, joined us to discuss the band’s latest track, Saviour.

After performing solo for some time, Alison found herself inspired by a wide range of artists and genres, from Fugazi to dream pop. Howlite came about via a desire to create a new, larger sound than what she had previously been creating.

“I wanted to kind of experiment with that, so sort of I started just writing that and producing that with a friend, and when it came to releasing it and performing, I sort of toyed with the idea of having an alter ego, or a band name to perform under. I just found it It made it easier to kind of separate me form the art, and to create this persona and this sound.”

“Just from a personal perspective, having people to bounce ideas off, having people there to perform with, it totally changes the emotional feeling behind it, and it’s nice to be able to share it with someone, and be able to kind of create together as a group. Yeah it’s been really good.”

After releasing their latest track, Saviour, Howlite spent some time touring. They’ve played both headline shows and support slots for artists like Seattle Fix and The General Assembly. 

“It’s been amazing. We’ve been really lucky. We’ve been offered main support slots with really really good bands, who are kicking around in Melbourne…”

“It’s been really fun, we’ve learnt a lot from other people on the way they’re, sort of shaping their shows. We’re still really young as a band, and very young in regards to what we want to achieve. So it’s been more than we sort expected, and better than we’d imagined.”

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Alison wrote Saviour while studying music at university. She says that the track is heavily influenced by her fascination with people’s relationships with religion. While Alison considerers herself an atheist, she hoped to create a homage to these relationships, while avoiding appropriating others’ cultures.

“It was something that I really wanted to explore, but it didn’t really fit into my solo set. So, it’s been nice to kind of revisit it as a band, with all the special studio effects, and kind of duet with myself. It’s kind of a darker sort of sound, and its a bigger band kind of sound. It was nice to be able do it justice, I think, with the whole band set up.”

The release of Saviour has seen Howlite receive a lot of well-deserved attention.  Alison told us about how the band feels to be on the receiving end of so much positive feedback.

Alison says it feels “weird, honestly. We never expected anything, that’s sort of the way we walk into everything. We kind go make sure that we’re happy with it, and that its something that we’re proud of. If anything happens, then it’s a bonus, really. Yeah, to be getting the kind of attention we have, at this stage. We’ve really only been a band for coming up a year, we played our first show as a three piece this time last year. It’s all been a lot in such a short amount of time. We’re very aware of how lucky we’ve been and how supported weve been. People have been really open and warm, and just taking the time to give us advice and to listen. Yeah, its been overwhelming, but in the best kind of way.”

With more music on the way in 2018, Howlite are sure to be met with more love. To keep up to date with all their latest news, connect with Howlite here.