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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | February 22, 2019

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imbi the girl Joins Listen Out Lineup and Drops swell

imbi the girl Joins Listen Out Lineup and Drops swell
Olivia Gliku
Following a huge few weeks with the announcement of ia spot on Listen Out’s stellar lineup and the release of swell, we were lucky enough to have our questions answered by imbi the girl. imbi’s incredibly chill sound has been making waves, and it’s locked their set in as one of our most anticipated performances of the year.


The Creative Issue: Congratulations on joining this year’s Listen Out lineup! How did it feel to find out you’d be playing on of Australia’s most popular festivals? 

Imbi: Thank you !! It’s honestly so surreal. I find myself just randomly getting hit with these shock-waves of gratitude and love and appreciation and pride a couple of times a day. I’m really, really excited to experience it all .


TCI: What should we expect to see and hear from your set?

I: I bring myself, some crystals, my music and a lot of love you should expect to see me serving looks and hear me singing my little heart out in hopes of spread some wholesome vibes.


TCI: Have you worked with/ met any of the artists who’ll be joining you for the festival before? 

I: Yeah actually ! I’ve briefly met flexmami a coupla’ times and I got to meet Haiku Hands at Wide Open Space Festival, they were all super lovely, I’m keen to hang out again. It’s always super cool to meet fellow musicians!


TCI: What’s your best piece of advice to festivalgoers?

I: Stay hydrated! It legit makes everything 5000 times better if your body has appropriate amounts of water in it, it’s like magic! And also take care of yourself and the people around you, come with love.

TCI: Can you talk me through your upcoming release, Swell? What was the writing and recording process like? What inspired the track? 

I: The track’s about this feeling I get in my chest, it’s like this slowly building pressure but it’s not anxiety or excitement or love or resentment or any individual emotion, rather a combination of all of them ? It’s not unpleasant tho, just different. I don’t know if you can relate but the track’s message has been super relevant and helpful in my life and that’s something I wanna share in case it can help anyone else.

But yeah, one night it got so intense I had to leave the house so I took myself down to the beach and wrote out this whole song in like 45 minutes. Production was a blast with the uber-talented Hamley in Melbourne who listened to my casual direction and created a huge, beautiful beat that really ebbs and flows like the tide in my humble opinion.

TCI: What’s on your schedule between now and Listen Out?

I: It’s a hectic few months coming up but right before the tour I’ll (hopefully) be taking some time off gigging to focus on some writing, rest, self care and recuperation before hitting the road !


TCI: You’ve already wrapped up sets with Groovin the Moo and Big Pineapple this year, what were those experiences like? 

I: Every festival is so, so different. I must admit, I’m not the biggest fan of being in massive crowds but there’ve been moments of camaraderie, of genuine care and love for fellow beings that I’ve witnessed at some of these festi’s that really warm my heart, I only wish they would happen more often.


TCI:Thanks for taking the time to answer these, imbi!

I: Can’t wait to see y’all at Listen Out! Sending ya lotsa’ love.

You can keep track of all of imbi the girl’s latest news here, and you can listen to swell here.

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