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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 11, 2018

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Interview: nyck at BIGSOUND

Interview: nyck at BIGSOUND

| On 15, Sep 2017

We spoke to Dominique Garrard and Nick Acquroff from nyck at BIGSOUND last week.

After only being together for a year, nyck, a duo from Melbourne played twice last week at BIGSOUND. Usually just playing as a two-piece, they were backed by a full band for the event. We caught up with Dom and Nick to talk about BIGSOUND and what’s next for them.

The Creative Issue: Firstly, welcome to Brisbane and BIGSOUND. Is this your first BIGSOUND experience?

Dominique Garrard: We came out last year but we didn’t play. We just chilled out, it was good.

TCI: So you’ve played the last couple of nights, how were the shows?

DG: Really good. We’ve got a six-piece playing with us up here so it’s a lot better than our normal set. Normally it’s just the two of us but it’s been really good.

Nick Acquroff: They’ve been awesome so we played Black Bear Lodge the first night and they’ve just updated their sound system so it’s a really beautiful sounding room. It didn’t feel showcase-y. Sometimes these gigs get really showcase-y and it’s people in lanyards watching you from afar. We’ve been lucky because along the way we’ve picked up people in Brisbane so it feels like our show a bit.

TCI: Have you been able to catch any other acts while you’ve been here?

DG: Yeah, we saw ALTA twice because we love them, they were awesome. We saw Hockey Dad last night, Cub Sport. We’re gonna see Braille Face tonight.

NA: It’s just amazing how many incredible bands there are. It’s kind of depressing because you think you’re getting really good and you come here.


TCI: You describe nyck as a project, what was the thought behind referring to it as this?

NA: That’s such an interesting question. If it wasn’t an interview, I’d say no but just so we can elaborate. I think it’s because there’s a real conceptual element to what we do. So when Dom and I write a record we want everything to flow so we want everything to feel like you’re sitting down to listen to the album and it’s like one thing. And I think there’s like three people in Australia that are doing that.

TCI: You both sing so well together. Has it always been like this or has there been a lot of practice that’s gone into getting your amazing sound?

DG: It actually has always been like this. As soon as we got together, it was pretty much really easy to sing together and the sound blended so well. It wasn’t hard. I mean we practice a lot but the actual sounds are really good together.

NA: With some people it immediately feels comfortable.

TCI: How did you meet?

DG: We did some work together prior to the band.

NA: We scored a film together.

DG: We only met over email and then Nick asked me to come around a hang out.

NA: Couldn’t find anyone else.

DG: Yeah he was scraping the bottom.


TCI: What inspired you to start making music?

NA: Probably Crowded House. When I grew up, I listened to Crowded House every night. But I’d never played music until I left school because I went to a school that didn’t really like creativity. What did you do? Dom was actually telling me about what she was in school.

DG: What I was? He loves bringing this up. Yep, music captain.

NA: Dom was the music captain of her school and… won.

DG: And I won the music prize. But then I went on to study music as well.

NA: Dom’s the actual musician in the band that does all the musicality and make it sound good.

TCI: You’ve recently released your EP Alive, how has that been received so far?

NA: It’s been amazing. We’ve been quite amazed because we’ve been together for just over a year. And when we look back, we’ve done so much over that time. When we look back at this time last year. So Alive’s been amazing because it’s given us a really good introduction to people all over Australia. Especially with that Amy Shark tour playing 20 shows. And then we did another national tour of fifteen shows and we’ve done fifteen of our own. So we feel really established and really comfortable on stage. We’ve met awesome musicians and we’ve gotten to know people who have joined our band and have got really good players with us. We’ve come such a long way. Not in an about to go boom way but as musicians, we’ve really come together.

DG: I feel like our sounds developed a lot more as well.

NA: Yeah and it’s just fun.

TCI: What are you doing after BIGSOUND?

DG: We’re going down to Byron.

NA: Our manager is getting married so we’re taking a holiday.

DG: And we’re writing. So musically we’re writing an album due to be released next year.

NA: We’ve got a concept for our album which we’ll talk about one day.

DG: But immediately, straight to the beach.

We livestreamed the interview here on Facebook and you can follow nyck here.

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