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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 14, 2018

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Jesswar Discusses Her Latest Single and Next Year

Jesswar Discusses Her Latest Single and Next Year

| On 13, Dec 2017

Jess Warthe, better known as Jesswar, is dominating Brisbane’s hip hop scene.

If you’re in tune with local hip hop, you would have heard of Jesswar by now. She’s a Fiji-born Brisbane rapper that’s currently crushing the local scene. She toured with a bunch of well-known hip hop artists, played around 70 shows this year and recently released her song ‘Savage’ with a wicked music video. On top of this, she featured on OKENYO’s follow-up track to ‘Woman’s World’ titled ‘Woman’s World 2.0’.

We spoke to Jess about her latest single and upcoming news.

The Creative Issue: You’ve toured with 360 and supported the likes of Tkay Maidza and Allday, do you think those shows have moulded you as a musician?

Jess Warthe: I definitely learnt things but that happens with touring with any artist. You see the way they perform and work the crowd so you’re always learning on the road.

TCI: You’ve just released your latest single ‘Savage’ along with a video, what was the inspiration behind the song?

JW: It all came together organically as a song. I suppose it came from a time where there is this huge crew of women beginning to come up in the Hip hop scene so I felt really inspired and staunch whilst writing it. It grew into what it is now, I wanted to make an anthem that would reclaim words like ‘cu*t’ and ‘savage’ and put my own spin on them so that’s what I did.

TCI: The single’s got a dark vibe, is there a specific message you wanted to send?

JW: Everyone keeps describing it as dark I think it’s just strong which is what I love about it. The message is reclaiming as I said, taking power back and asserting yourself.

TCI: It was just added to Triple J’s rotation, how does that feel?

JW: DOPE. It’s great to finally get it out there and into the world.


TCI: Is there any more music on the way?

JW: Yeah, most definitely. I’m going to release an EP in the coming year and I have a few other side projects lined up too so keep your ear to the ground, there’s more to come.

TCI: Have you got any live shows coming up?

JW: My last one for the year was last Friday for the Flamin’ Galah’s first Birthday in Brisbane. I’ve played roughly 70 shows this year so this was the last one.

TCI: What can people expect at your shows?

JW: A good night out, a sweaty dance and a high energy show.

TCI: How do you normally prepare for a show before you go on stage?

JW: I’m pretty low key so I enjoy having a good feed a while before I play, keeping it pretty quiet before I need to be on. Maybe a casual spiced rum and then I’m ready.

TCI: There aren’t that many Australian female rappers at the moment, how do you think your music has been received?

JW: There are heaps actually and they are all killing it, Miss Blanks, Kaylah Truth, G Elenil, Aywin, Beeza, Sampa The Great, P-Unique, Sarah Connor just to name a few. In terms of a reception, it’s been mixed there’s mad love but there’s been some hate too. I think some people have confusion as they don’t know how to place me so it’s cool I’m going to keep grinding and the right people will get it.


TCI: When you’re writing music, what is the inspiration behind your songs?

JW: I’m inspired by everything around me and what I experience. My music is reflective of where I’m at. Within all the elements to making music I really enjoy the song writing process.

TCI: What are your plans for next year?

JW: Releasing my EP, touring with shows and festivals, collaborations with other artists I’m inspired by. I’ll be shooting more music videos and taking things to the next level. I’m ready to work harder than I ever before in order to achieve the vision I have for my career.

Jess has had a huge year and we’re very excited to hear more music next year. You can follow her here to keep up to date.

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