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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 14, 2018

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Oh My My Takes us to Animal House

Oh My My Takes us to Animal House
Olivia Gliku

Growing up playing in a lot of bands in high school, Sam Thomlinson had an obsession with the process of recording, from drum looping samples to tracking his own guitar work, Sam learned how to record by recreating and recording other artists’ work.

His love for music didn’t stop there. Now, he’s one part of Sydney-based quintet, Bad Pony, and he’s recently started a new project, under the name Oh My My. Sam talked us through how the world of Oh My My began.

“Nowadays, it’s this gradual movement of recording other bands, recording my own band, producing my own band, and producing other bands. That led to now, producing this stuff. The electronic thing as well was a gradual progression. When you’re one person, you don’t have all your band members and stuff. It’s a lot easier to kind of create music that way, and when it started happening, it felt right. So, I just went with it. ”

The inspiration for Animal House, Oh My My‘s debut track, came from a Square Peg Round Hole show in Canada last year.

“… [I] basically just got super duper inspired by them at the time. They were doing live, organic sound loops with an electronic element, so really droney synth, and everything, and I was amazed. They could have one sound going, and incorporate all these other elements to make it sound creepy or something like that, gradually by just adding something to it without changing the music too drastically. From there, that’s where wrote the start of animal house, the weekend after that. I kind of sat and wrote the music for it and then wrote the lyrics and kind of started talking to singers to see who would want to sing it.”

After recording the track with his own vocals and sending it out to vocalists, Oh My My‘s Animal House found it’s cherry on top in Kitrich vocalist, James Kitto’s vocals.

“You become attached to how you want it to sound, and it just so happened that James, the singer from Kitrich what he sent back straight away just felt right, kind of dreamy and stuff.”

Explaining that he gravitated to both catchiness and danciness, Sam also said that he has always gravitated towards writing ‘darker stuff’. Which, you may have picked up on in some of Bad Pony‘s tracks. Avoiding what he calls the ‘straighty-180’ style, Sam’s obsession with surprising elements can certainly be heard in Animal House.

The track even spawned the rest of the project, which he hopes to release more music with in the near future.

If you’re a lover of meaningful lyricism, Animal House won’t disappoint. Sam let us know what inspired his chosen lyrical themes, and how the dark tones in the track lent to them.

“None of us are perfect, and we all make mistakes. I kind of want music to be like that as well. I want it to be reflected. If I’m singing about something in particular, like a turning point in the lyrics, I want to try and follow that in the music, so they work hand-in-hand.”

“I think Animal House is more a gradual kind of progression. But there’s a few tracks that are coming out hopefully soon, that have these kind of moments in them that match the lyrical content. It might seem like it’s this really pretty moment, but when something  bad happens in the lyrics, the music wants to follow it.”

Following Bad Pony’s upcoming tour, you should keep an eye out for further releases and tour news from Oh My My for the second half of the year. To keep up to date, you can follow Oh My My here.


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