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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 11, 2018

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A Taste of Melbourne with The Delta Riggs

A Taste of Melbourne with The Delta Riggs

| On 24, Nov 2017

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Monte from The Delta Riggs about the band’s set at Melbourne After Dark. The event will be bringing Melbourne’s Remi, Saskwatch and burger joint, Huxtaburger to Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall for a night of entertainment and eats. 

“I’m originally from the Gold Coast. So, I kind of like coming back up there, because it’s nostalgic for me. My parents live up there too. The space that we’re playing now, we played like a few months ago, an event up there. It’s just a cool little space.”

“I love playing up in Brisbane. It’s always a great vibe. The crowd seems to be a bit more relaxed.”

The Delta Riggs will be joining Hip Hop extroadinaire, Remi, who Monte says is delivering some Motown, Jackson 5-style vibes at the moment.

“We actually did a song with him, a couple of years ago. We never released it though, it was kind of weird. It was like a version of one of our songs. We did it live a few times. He’s a great guy. He’s my favourite Aussie Hip Hop dude around at the moment….”

REMI - Photo by Michelle Grace Hunder - Low res

Saskwatch will also be joining the night. Monte says the band “are also really good friends” of The Delta Riggs. In the past, Saskwatch and The Delta Riggs have joined each other on tour runs like the Manual Override tour. Monte says that he’s looking forward to adding another good time to the list of Delta Riggs and Saskwatch shows.


Finally, Huxtaburger will be supplying some of Melbourne’s best burgers on the night, which Monte says the band are sure to “be smashing a few of those on the night.”


If you haven’t caught The Delta Riggs live before, you should know you’ll be in for a fun night.

“We play shows for ten people, the same way we would for a thousand. It’s always a high energy kind of show and its always fun. The thing I love about performing is that no two things can be replicated. It’s always different depending on who’s in the audience, someone heckling, everything. The dynamic is really explosive and It’s fun, and that’s the best thing about playing live music, is that no two shows are the same. Even if you’re going to play the same set of songs, it’s always a different dynamic.”

“We just like to have a bit of fun. We’re an all-nonsense kind of rock and roll band. We like to be a bit non-sensible, and just have fun.”

After moving to Melbourne, Monte says he’s always loved the way the city has become a hub for music, arts, and culture, that draws all kinds of creatives together.

“The city helps. It’s conducive to being an artist, a musician, or a comedian, any kind of creative industry really. The city really gets behind that culture, more so than any other culture, I feel. It really helps push it, and it shows in the way the city runs. You turn around every corner, and there’s some cool bar popping up, or some wild party. It just works, it’s a night city… ”

To keep up to date with all the latest of The Delta Riggs’ news, check them out here. To get your own taste of Melbourne, check out the details below.


The details:

What: Melbourne After Dark

Where:  Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall, 15 Caxton Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000

When: 6pm- midnight

How Much: Free


More Info: This event requires registration to attend.

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