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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 9, 2023

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10 Australia-Based Artists on Instagram

10 Australia-Based Artists on Instagram
Heonji Kim

Instagram is perhaps the only place where it’s acceptable to post photos of avocado toast every other day. However, it’s more than just a platform to flaunt yourself in millennial pink in. It’s also a platform that provides endless inspiration.

With the Australian art scene and social media growing rapidly, we’ve found many artists who are thriving in their own corner of the internet. So, for your enjoyment, we’ve narrowed our list down to 10 artists who we are loving on Instagram at the moment.


1. Loribelle Spirovski (@loribellespirovski)

Loribelle, with her careful use of line and colour, explores the interaction between space and object. Her incredible portraits have surreal elements, yet the object of her works are grounded in a realistic silhouette.


2. Ornella Ketchangue (

Ornella’s architectural photographs are minimal to the point of abstraction. They’re framed in a way that almost recalls feelings similar to when you see “Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things”. She finds mundane (or interesting) buildings and captures them in a way in which all the elements look as if they’ve been put together in a new and exciting way.


3. Billie Justice Thomson (@billiejusticethomson)


For all the foodies out there, Billie’s illustrations are not to be missed. The painterly illustrations capture the details of all things yummy. His works are also a fantastic way to find inspiration for new recipes.


4. Kit Syvret (@kit_is_alive)

Kit explores the beautifully grotesque in his paintings. His paintings are often fleshy in tone and content, and sometimes depicts pain in a way that makes it hard to look away. His artworks, similar to outsider art, capture the human condition in a self-reflective mode.


5. Roman Longginou (@romanlongginou)

Roman’s incredibly hyper-realistic pencil illustrations are not only pleasing to the eye, but also satisfying in their perfection. The subject of his drawings depict classic images, such as nature, history and watches amongst other things.


6. Kerry Armstrong (@kerryarmstrongart)


Kerry’s abstract paintings speak for themselves. The texture of the mediums, vivacious lines and careful composition makes up the visually stimulating works. The texture of the oils protrude in a way that draws the eye along the light and shadow of its three-dimensional surface. With that being said, in many of Kerry’s works, you’ll find that the subject of her paintings will shift from colour and form to texture after prolonged observation.


7. Naomi Nicholls (@nnnaominicholls)

Naomi’s abstract paintings are fascinating in a different way to Kerry’s. Although both Kerry and Naomi’s paintings are very abstract, unlike Kerry’s work, the intricate lines and shapes of the paint is the focal point of Naomi’s works. Her works also climb across various surfaces, making it interactive and multi-dimensional.


8. Aaron Perkins (@aamapepe)

Aaron’s interactive works bring a whole new meaning to line and text. Depending on where you stand, you can see different lines that constitutes either text or form. His works are somewhat reminiscent of the early Suprematism works in the early 1900s, which is the perfect undertone for Aaron’s Absurdist works—one of the current art movements trending today.


9. Frances Cannon (@frances_cannon)

Frances creates what I would describe as the pinnacle of millennial art. It’s relatable, body-positive, and inclusive, all in our generation’s joke trend of calm, yet incredibly inflated hyperboles. She also posts poetry and text in a style that is evocative and direct. She addresses themes such as love, sex and sexuality.


10. Emily Ingham (@emilyingham1)


Emily’s art is whimsical and fabulous. She draws portraits of celebrities and animals with various floral arrangements.

So, there you go. Because there’s more to life than just being really really really really ridiculously good-looking.




Image credit: All images are from the artists’ Instagram page.