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12 essentials for a beach vacay

12 essentials for a beach vacation

| On 25, Sep 2015

The sun’s getting warmer, drinks are getting colder and our skin is getting tanner. That can only mean one thing. BEACH SEASON IS UPON US.

BUT before you begin your rampage through your bags after realising you have packed the wrong items for the beach, just take a deep breath and remember these 12 essentials to get you through the beach season swimmingly. So just sit back and soak it all up.


  1. Shading a secret – the oversized, floppy hat

One must never forget the importance of sun protection! Who says that can’t be stylish? The appearance of an oversized standout hat can make all the difference to your look and transform something as simple as beach casual into a seductive, sophisticated approach to beach season.

Beach vacation


Beach vacation




2. Sexy swimwear- The togs

The tog – now this is a must. The togs are the grains of sand on the beach, the blue crystals making the water shine, the burning heat simmering the sun-thirsty bodies below. It is the hot accessory for all beach goers. This season go bright, be bold and be confident. Flaunt elegant one pieces and the sexy twos, whatever your style, your cut, your colour, be confident and feel your very best in whatever you chose to wear.


 3. Easy breezy- The kaftan

Keep it loose, keep it comfortable, keep it classy. Bright orange and fluorescent pinks are flaunted in the heat, accompanied by patterns and tassels. However for those elegant beach goers, stick to the black and white covers to show off you class and femininity on vacation.

4. Keep it cool- The sunnies

Be cool. Look like you have a secret to hide and flaunt the shade cast over your eyes with some shades that attract some attention. The reflective glasses are trending right now and are absolutely the way to go. Reflect the beautiful beach landscape in front of you and keep it cool.


Beach vacation Beach vacation


5. The colour- nail polish 

Think bright warm colours for the beach – with all of the cool softening colours surrounding you, you have to stand out and break away from blending in. Think bold crimsons, vibrant oranges and blinding yellows.


 6. Fabulous feet style- The wedge

Wedges are always the way to go to keep your style at the beach. The soft colours, accompanied by the delicate detailing created by the textured fabrics really shine in beach style. But as always, never forget to take your flip-flops because they will always be necessary.


Beach vacation

Beach vacation














7. Cool, calm, and confident- The make up

Make-up is at a minimum when you enter the proximity of sea spray. However when you do hit up the beach don’t forget the basic essentials such as foundation and light lipstick. This season the lips are getting lighter as the eyebrows get darker, so in the rush to pack for your next beach vacay don’t forget to throw in some beauty essentials whilst thinking natural and minimalist.


 9. Refresh the glow- The moisturiser 

Remember always to look after your skin. It goes through a lot when you venture to the beach so don’t forget to moisturise to keep a healthy glow and avoid getting dry skin.


 10. Jazz it up- The jewellery 

Jewellery in beach season is definitely one of my favourites. This is when everyone becomes creative with their unique styling choices. This is when colours mix and match on the wrists and various thin chains dangle from the neck with shining charms. Bursts of colour can come from the wrist, ears, neckline and ankles so don’t be afraid to mix up your usual style this season.
Beach vacation

Beach vacation


 11. Style in the sand- The towel

Who says towels have to be dull? I don’t know but whoever said it is so wrong! A towel completes the ultimate beach outfit -but they are being used for much more than just drying the body. The towel as an accessory is becoming so much more predominant today. The circular fabrics lying between you and the sand transforms a beach look into a complex beach style.


 12. Every purpose use- The beach bag

Think BIG! The beach bag is a must and it must stand out from the crowd. Think flower colour schemes and patterns – the bigger, the bolder, the BETTER!


Image credits- Natashaschweitzer instagram, Showpo website, Sportsgirl website