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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 2, 2020

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The Gallery Hop - QUT's Art Museum

Matilda Butler

When I can, I’ll be your eyes and scan our local galleries for some beautiful work. I popped into QUT’s Art Museum to get a look at the two exhibits that are about to come to an end and here’s my review…

Joseph DAWS Untitled 2012

Joseph DAWS
Untitled (detail) 2012
Oil on canvas
Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Carl Warner

Joseph Daws, a PhD student in Visual Arts at QUT, has his final assessment on show, in the form of an exhibit called “Paintings”. Daws explores the “thresholds between subject matter and abstraction” and draws inspiration in the “latency of abstraction, the mobility of signification and the poetics of painting”(see website). Whatt?

In simple words, his work is an abstract but not over-the-top, meaningful and intricate. At first glance, you’re caught in a lingering gaze. You’ll be drawn in by use of layered colours, textures and lines. Taking on tones of depth and shapes of character, Daws’ work exhibits emotion and a distinct style. I really enjoyed his use of Marine Plywood on a number of works, as it added texture to the overall work. Keep an eye out for more of his work in the future.


Shaun GLADWELL BPOV MEAO (Behind Point of View, Middle East Area of Operations) 2009-10

BPOV MEAO (Behind Point of View, Middle East Area of Operations) 2009-10
digital colour photograph
Collection: Australian War Memorial P10015.003

Shaun Gladwell is an official war artist, commissioned by the Australian War Memorial. His exhibit “Afghanistan” is a reflection of ordinary soldiers “in harsh landscapes”, delving into their “inner world, and the training and rituals that shape them” (see website). As you walk through the gallery, head-shots like the one above, line the walls. The high-definition of the photos invite you into the world of the soldiers in Afghanistan, somehow making their context a living reality. An audio-visual presentation also displays the desert landscape of Afghanistan accompanied by the sounds of an army base in action. I have never seen war art done like this. Gladwell’s approach allows for the audience to connect and learn about soldiers in Afghanistan in a way the news cannot relate.

This exhibition closes on Monday (March 10). If you get a chance this weekend, go in a have a look. If not, take my word, it is beautiful! Keep an eye out for more work from these artists.