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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 29, 2021

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2020 Fashion trends to get on ASAP

2020 Fashion trends to get on ASAP
Bianca Aniceto

Looking to elevate your style this year? Well, you’ve come to the perfect place.

We’ve put together a list of 2020’s top fashion trends for you to upgrade your style this season. We’ve got everything from monochrome loungewear, to over-the-top face masks and cute, funky knitwear.

  1. Face Masks 

By now you’ve already heard about the Coronavirus Pandemic, but don’t let those bright blue face masks clash with your outfit! A new range of designers and businesses have appeared since heading into lockdown earlier this year, featuring new effective and creative face masks. If you’re heading out and are in need of a face mask be sure to use one that compliments your outfit.

2. Monochrome Loungewear 

Stuck at home, again? (Victorians, we’re talking to you) or just succumbing to your inner introvert? Lounge at home in a monochrome loungewear set, perfect for a casual look at home or in public.


3. Corset tops

Who doesn’t look a good corset top? Depending on the occasion, you can style your corset top in an endless amount of ways. It’s the perfect way to elongate your torso and show off those curves.

4. Faux Leather 

Buy it. Buy Faux Leather, everything. We guarantee you’ll feel powerful, chic and bold all at the same time.

5. Brown

The colour, ‘brown’ has started to make a popular appearance in clothing for both men and women. These minimalist earth tones are largely popular at the moment, don’t be afraid to mix and match brown and beige tones together. Wear your brown clothing item as your ‘hero’ piece, or wear it in a monochromatic set.

6. Bright-coloured Knitwear 

In contrast, if wearing brown and beige tones aren’t your vibe then you’ll be glad to hear that bright-coloured funky knitwear are currently in. Spice up your outfit with a lilac purple or match green knit.

7. Suit styled trousers

Boss babes, this one is for you. Wear your suit styled trousers with an oversized sweater around your shoulders for a more preppy look, or a cute crop top and trench coat for a laidback, effortless look.

8. Collared shirts under oversized sweaters  

This preppy trend is making a major comeback – giving us cute academic vibes. Pair together with a knit (bright-coloured or brown) or even with an oversized graphic sweater.