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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 27, 2022

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23 Walks Review: Amor De Temporada

23 Walks Review: Amor De Temporada
Charles Lawson

23 Walks is a sweet and tender love story, about two retirees finding reconciliation and romance.

Written and Directed by Paul Morrison and starring Alison Steadman. The British film chronicles two strangers, having already lived complex lives, learning to love again over the course of 23 walks through the North London park together. With a 100 minute run time 23 Walks weaves a rather charming and layered narrative, with a few unexpected twists and turns.

The film starts when Dave, a retired nurse, crosses paths with Fern, a Receptionist. While there is tension at first, they slowly build a rapport in part due to their fondness for each other’s adorable pets, Tilly and Henry, respectively. From a technical aspect, 23 Walks is a standard romance film even bordering on cliche at times. Yet as the journey unfolds, the movie becomes an interesting look into how our past can stay with us even as we seek to live new lives in our older days.

I was fairly impressed with how the film handles its heavier topics. It doesn’t hand wave or rush to remedy its conflicts. Treating both Dave and Fern as people with a lot of history and realistic ingrained flaws. It made the small and sweet moments of the film feel more impactful, nuanced, and well earned.

The film doesn’t shy away from the stigmas and issues of old age. Loss of autonomy, loss of loved ones, and loss of hope are reoccurring themes throughout the movie. As are the themes of reconciliation, openness, and trust. Its as though Morrison wants you to feel every step of the blossoming relationship, including the inevitable awkward and frustrating stumbles that not even the wisdom of old age can shield you from.

Ultimately 23 Walks is a gentle film with some earnest laughs thrown in for good measures. As long as its safe I recommend you see this film when it hits theaters July 30th.

The Details
What: 23 Walker Theatrical Release
Who: Rialto Distribution
When: July 30th
Where: Myer Centre Brisbane
, New Farm
, Newmarket, Red Hill, 
Palace Barracks, Gold Coast Home of the Arts.