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3 of the Strangest Shows on TV

3 of the Strangest Shows on TV

| On 07, Nov 2013

Sometimes it’s hard to stray away from the new series of Grey’s Anatomy or the latest episode of the Bachelor.

However, being a self-confessed reality TV junkie, I often find myself channel surfing through the depths of alternative TV.

The relatively new free-to-air channels including GO, 7TWO, Gem and 7mate never disappoint with their abundance of reality TV series.

So, for your future viewing pleasure I have compiled a list of three of the strangest and most outrageous series on television.

1. Swamp People



The title really says it all.

The series follows five teams of alligator hunters living in the deep south of Louisiana.

‘Gator season is one month long and is the most financially rewarding time of year for the hunters.

While the element of danger is high, there is something entertaining about watching obscenity screaming, overall-clad men and women wrestling gators.

2. Turtle Man



Like me, I’m sure you’re just surprised there is a television series called Turtle Man.

The series follows Kentucky man, Ernie Brown, and his animal rescue and relocation business.

Despite lacking numerous teeth, the Turtle Man is known for his bare-handed turtle catching techniques which are unrivaled to this day.

With an excessive amount of background banjo music, watch as he goes to excessive lengths in the pursuit of turtles.

3. Operation Repo



Follow the lives of car repossession professionals in America.

If you are not accustomed to coarse language and physical contact, this is not the show for you.

The re-enacted scenes between disgruntled vehicle owners and determined repo workers will leave you either outraged or in stitches on the floor.

The lure of reality TV is intrigue, we are continuously intrigued by the lives of people who do these utterly weird and wonderful things.

Be adventurous and check out what’s new a definitely not trending. You may be surprised with what you uncover!

Luckily for you, all three shows air Thursday nights on channel 7mate starting at 7.30pm.

Settle in for the night and watch all three, or flex those fingers with a bit of channel surfing.

Either way, you will be entertained.