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4 ways to handle your Flappy Bird addiction

4 ways to handle your Flappy Bird addiction

| On 13, Feb 2014

If you haven’t heard, Flappy Bird is the newest smartphone application craze.

The app, developed by game maker Doug Nguyen, has had in excess of 50 million downloads and is the top free app in the iTunes store.

The premise is easy; tap the screen to propel the yellow flappy bird through the middle of two green pipes.

The reality of it is much harder.

Despite the game having only this one, seemingly simple objective, our inherent need to better our previous score makes the game frustratingly addictive.

For those of you who have already acknowledged your addiction, you are on the right track.

Now it’s time to take these four tips to handle your Flappy Bird addiction.

1. Give yourself a limit

Setting a limit will help you keep your flappy bird addiction under control.

A time or number of plays limit will keep will keep your ‘just one more game’ tendencies to a minimal.

This way, you will be satisfied that you have reached your allocated limit until the next time you play.

2. Confide in a friend                       

Remember, you are not alone in your addiction.

Spending time with a friend who also has Flappy Bird addiction means you can work together to beat it.

Try organising exciting outings or introduce phone free hang outs.

3. Delete the app

Be bold and delete the app from your mobile device.

It will take strength to press that little ‘x’ in the top left hand corner, but I find nothing works better than removing temptation.

Plus, it’s only a matter of time before frustration overcomes you at the expense of your phone’s shiny, uncracked screen.

4. Check out  Squishy Bird

The slightly sadistic new onlinegame, Squishy Bird, lets you take out your pent up frustration on Mr Flappy himself.

This time, instead of trying to guide flappy bird through those ominous green pipes, you use them to bring flappy to his bloody demise.

This game is much easier, surprisingly therapeutic and will help you handle your withdrawal.




Now that you have the tips to kicking your addiction, you can dedicate your time to something a little less frustrating and a little more productive.

Just don’t celebrate your newfound freedom from flappy bird with ‘just one more game’.