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Plenty launches 2016's plentiful breaky menu

Plenty launches 2016’s plentiful breaky menu

| On 21, Feb 2016

With the introduction of their new head chef Caitlin Overell, Plenty has decided to shake things up a bit.

Café manager Sara May and Caitlin have made a dynamic duo working together to ensure Plenty’s food is fresh, fabulous and locally sourced. Sara says the new menu reflects Caitlin’s personality while keeping with the café’s long standing values.

“She’s kicked of this year with her first menu with us- You can see some of her personality and tastes coming through, but our primary passion remains knowing your farm and knowing where your food comes from.”

Brown Rice Bowl plenty

The quinoa and brown rice breakfast bowl is one of the new additions to the menu- a dish boasting sweet potato, avocado, poached eggs and sauerkraut. The zest of the sauerkraut adds a sharp flavour to the bowl, making for far more than an ordinary salad.

“I think the quinoa and brown rice breakfast bowl is really quite her, its light, it’s fresh, it’s really well balanced,” said Sara.

One of Caitlin’s main goals is to introduce more of the foods from the cafe’s retail section.

“One thing I aimed to do with this dish…is to introduce some of the Gutsy fermented kraut that we sell that in the retail section. If I show people how to use their product in a dish, then people are inclined to buy it and take it home, which is great for the producers.”

Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl Plenty

The slow-cooked pork and cheese quesadilla with beans was another stand out, with the flavour from the pork pleasantly punctuating the dish.

“The pork that we’re using is from our pigs in Maryvale,” said Caitlin, “and the beans we soak in our own sauce. We make Veracruz sauce with jalapenos and capers and fresh tomatoes.”

Pork Quesidila

Not all dishes have gotten the chop though- “I think every menu needs a couple of dishes which just don’t change,” said Sara.

The avocado on toast is one of those dishes and not only because it’s a classic.

“People love avocado on toast…most cafés will do some version of it, for us it’s great because on one plate it really represents a lot of what we are about which is fresh, simple, local and tasty”

Advocado smash - plenty

The Mozzarella is made by Alessandro Motta, founder of Casa Motta Artisan Buffalo Mozzarella.

“It took me a long time to get it right,” said Alessandro.

“No one really told me because they try to keep the secret hidden. It was just trial and error, trial and error for seven years.”

“It is one of the best mozzarella’s that we have found in this area and particularly to see what Alessandro’s come from…he just nailed it got it right and it’s been so consistent ever since,” said Sarah.

Strawberry soda - Plenty

Owner Karyn Hodges says she’s excited to see where Caitlin takes Plenty.

“She has a fresh touch, and a deep respect for regional produce and local producers. I admire the passion she and Sara exhibit, and believe that together they are going to steer Plenty in a pretty exciting direction”.

With her incorporation of local ingredients Caitlin exhibits a great respect for Plenty’s values and reputation.