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Did you say donuts?: All Time Coffee Co, Mermaid Beach

Did you say donuts?: All Time Coffee Co, Mermaid Beach

| On 06, Mar 2016


Belissimo roasted coffee beans, fresh fried doughnuts, and vegan ham and cheese jaffles; have we all died and ended up in foodie heaven?

Yes, there is a café that makes soft, perfectly doughy donuts and serves delicious coffee, and is also animal friendly – they’re called All Time Coffee Co.

All Time Coffee Co is the product of Gold Coast couple, Elle and Ben. The café boasts a menu of vegan friendly options, great coffee, and an all around cool vibe. All Time Coffee Co opened in September 2015 and has since remained true to the couple’s intent to open up a place that was fresh and just all around good. The café is located in Mermaid Beach, just off the Gold Coast Highway; what could be better than finishing up a morning swim with an iced coffee and a fresh donut?

Fairy Bread

Amongst the jaffles and coffee, Elle’s favourite item on the menu is the fairy bread donut. She says. “…it takes you back to your childhood… And you think, “How, as a vegan, can you eat this creamy white icing with sprinkles?”. It’s exciting… [that I] get to make it for people, especially for little kids who [may be] dairy intolerant.”

A defining point for the café, asides from their delicious donuts and coffee, is their animal friendly options. This trait reflects Elle’s love for animals and her choice to live a cruelty free life. Elle says that “my purpose was to show how easy and cool, and good it is to live a cruelty free life. Everything I do is focused on reducing the pain for animals”. In addition to All Time Coffee Co, Elle has also produced a cruelty-free footwear boutique called Bambi & Tramp.

The café’s success may be a result of Elle’s online presence, where she gained a following due to her vegan lifestyle choices. Elle says that, “none of my businesses would exist without Instagram. Instagram is the modern marketing initiative of today – Instagram and social media is a huge force… I have a lot of thanks for Instagram.”


However, she also shares that it comes down to a change of mindset, saying that if you “without risk, there’s no success. And if you change your thoughts, you change your world… if you can be as positive as you can and believe that what you want to do is going to work, then it will work. A little hope goes a long way.”

Although successful, Elle admits that she’s just an average person. “I get up at the crack of dawn. I live across the street, and I squeeze through a hole in the fence… and then I make donuts and a hundreds toasties and jaffles a day… seven days a week,” she says. And heck, does she do a good job of it.

If you’re considering whether the drive to Mermaid Beach is worth it, we say yes! But do make sure you’re down early enough to snag yourself a donut- those suckers sell quickly.

Image credit: @alltimecoffeeco