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5 Ideas for an Activity Filled Weekend in Melbourne

5 Ideas for an Activity Filled Weekend in Melbourne

| On 06, Mar 2015

Melbourne is a city that offers a wealth of things to do. Between the thriving arts and music culture, quirky neighbourhoods and lane ways, frequent food festivals and consistently reliable restaurants there are always a number of unique things to do whether you are a resident in this wonderful city, or simply visiting for the weekend. Here are a few suggestions of how to spend your weekend in Melbourne (and skip all the tourist traps):

1) Piknic Electronik 

As mentioned in a recent article, Piknic Electronik is a weekly summer series that features local and international electronic DJs. The environment is fun and welcoming for those seeking a different way to spend their Sunday afternoons, and visitors can look forward to tasting local craft beers, fresh juice and whatever food truck is being featured that week. Guests are also encouraged to bring picnics, and children are also welcome to partake in the festivities! Tickets are $10 in advance online or $20 at the door.

Naked in the Sky

Naked in the Sky, the rooftop bar above Naked for Satan in Fitzroy

2) Good Drinks with Even Better Views 

Melbourne is a very beautiful city. Luckily, there are a few places around the city to enjoy spectacular views of the city skyline with a beverage in hand. The first place that comes to mind is The Lui Bar, an upscale cocktail bar with a unique menu of beautiful and tasty creations. This place sits 236 meters in the sky opposite the luxurious Vue De Monde restaurant and offers a killer view of the night sky (be sure to make your way to the smoking area on the opposite side of the room to see this beyond the glass). Rooftop Bar and Cinema within the Cookie complex is another popular destination, and Peacock which is just around the corner is another great spot that is usually less packed. Another must-try is Naked in the Sky located in Fitzroy, which is one of the best rooftop bars in the city. The views are great and the atmosphere is even better. Get here early or during the week to avoid the crazy queues to get to the top! I also recommend arriving a bit peckish, so you can enjoy the array of $2 tapas downstairs.

3) Andy Warhol’s Jewish Geniuses at The Jewish Museum of Australia 

As a huge Warhol fan, I was stoked to see that The Jewish Museum of Australia was featuring an exhibit on Andy’s Jewish Geniuses. Without giving too much away, the Jewish Museum has established an amazing set that truly showcases Warhol’s talent and eccentric perspective on life, art and celebrity. The exhibition goes on until May 26th, and tickets are available at reception for $10 (Adults) or $5 (Concession).

Andy Warhol Exhibit

“The art of soup”

4) Graffiti Hunt in Fitzroy 

Any guide book will tell you that Hoiser Lane is the go-to spot for Melbourne’s best street art. However, the more I’ve gotten to explore this city, the more I’ve learnt that there are so many beautiful pieces of street art beyond the CBD. One of my favourite areas to find these murals is Fitzroy. Some highlights in this area include a colourful rainbow mural on Johnston Street and some incredibly detailed portraits on Gertrude Street. My best piece of advice for anyone looking to find cool and interesting street art is to simply get lost! There are a ton of great pieces of art hiding in alleyways and parking lots off the main streets and intersections in this area.

5) Explore the Brunch Gods in Richmond 

Melbourne is a city of dreams made for the avid brunch lover. I know this far too well myself. The neighbourhood of Richmond is a gold mine for brunch, home to the infamous Top Paddock, Pillar of Salt, and one of my favourites Touchwood. Friends of Mine is another popular destination, although I have yet to check it out for myself. These places are all worth the long queues outside and will be a great way to start a day of exploring (especially if you want to experience Melbourne’s coffee culture).

Top Paddock brunch

A museli masterpiece at Top Paddock in Richmond