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5 beauty hacks to enhance your routine

5 beauty hacks to enhance your routine

| On 03, Mar 2015

A beauty hack is the same thing a beauty trick, a tip that is intended to save you time, money and energy. Here are 5 tips and tricks every beauty lover should know.

1. Use your mascara as a back up eyeliner

To help you save time in the morning and reduce the weight of your makeup bag, using your mascara for multiple purposes is the best approach. Get your mascara super close to your lower lash liner and it will create the appearance that you have lined your lower lashes with eyeliner.


2. Get instantly softer feet

For instant smooth and luscious feet, all you need is two essential household items. Simply take Vaseline and lather your feet, put some socks over them and sleep with them on. When you wake up in the morning your feet will be silky smooth.

3. Prevent hair breakage

After you have jumped out of the shower dry your hair with an old dry t-shirt instead of a towel. Sometimes certain towels made from rough fibers and materials can break and damage your hair when it is at its weakest. By using an old t-shirt you are more actually absorbing more of the water out of your hair, cutting your drying time, preventing frizz and helping breakage.

39c674b1d45819a1f6fa55199a5ca91a4. Make your lip colour last

Put on whatever colour lipstick you want to wear for the day and get a sheet of paper. Fold it in half, place it over your lips and dust your lips with translucent powder. If you do not use a translucent powder in your makeup routine or simply do not have any on you, talcum powder will work. Your lip colour will stay all day.

581bc9fd0a78d1f0a89124d0d71a770a5. Make your lashes look longer and thicker without falsies

Instead of using fake lashes or several layers of mascara, place some baby powder on a Q tip and brush it over your lashes. The baby powder gives your mascara something to cling to while also reducing clumps.