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5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

| On 13, Aug 2014

If there are times when you peer into your bedroom and wonder if there is actually anything under the masses of clothes, mountains of textbooks and collection of Apple product chargers, then you need to continue reading!

A bedroom should be a sanctuary for sleep as well as a powerhouse of production where you can comfortably toil away to meet deadlines. There should be plenty of storage to keep all your junk hidden and dust-free. And most importantly, it should be decorated in a way that highlights your personality and makes you feel at home.

If the state of your bedroom is boring, uninspired or just plain messy, these 5 easy tips should help you acheive a room so pretty, your mum would approve.

 1. Stock up on storage

When items don’t have a home, clutter tends to become out of control. Cabinets and bookshelves can be picked up from department stores these days for next to nothing. If your room doesn’t allow space for a new set of drawers, invest in baskets, trays, folders and plastic boxes to store all your junk. Paint them in bright colours, wrap them with ribbon and label them so that nothing ever gets lost again. Who said that organisation was boring?





2. Invest in a fun rug

Investing in a rug is a nifty way to jazz up a room without creating clutter. I’m not saying you have to fly to the Middle East and purchase a $13,000 bespoke woven rug (although that would be cool). Just about any department store sells funky rugs. If you’re after something a bit more unique, then check out Etsy or local op shops. Bonus: your feet won’t have to deal with cold tiles in the morning.





3. Lolly jars

Scrounge a homewares store or op shop for a big glass jar and fill it high with the most colourful, most delicious lollies you can find (I recommend gumballs and Starbursts). The result is not only a kaleidoscope of fun, but also a practical masterpiece; snack on the contents when you’re studying/working. Your 5-year-old self will be so jealous.



4. Display your designer duds

It’s unfortunate that when we buy that exxy Manning Cartell dress or Chloe bag, it can only be seen when worn. Hanging items up on an external, visible rack is a great way of showing off your most loved-pieces. Buy a bunch of wooden hangers and start picking out what you want the world to see. The trick is to stick to a colour scheme so that your visible wardrobe looks like a work of art, rather than a mish-mash of random impulse buys. Beware of exposing the clothing to direct sunlight or leaving it in a place where it could get damaged or dusty.




5. Love thy friends and family

We all had that phase as teenagers where we would blu-tack anything and everything to our walls; concert tickets, drawings from our crush and polaroids from those Asian photobooths. Just because we’re grown up and have to act mature, doesn’t mean we have to stop doing this! Surround yourself with framed pictures of your favourite moments with your favourite people. I guarantee you’ll never feel sad again.




Now for the fun part, putting these tips into action. IKEA, here we come!


All photos sourced from tumblr.