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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 27, 2020

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5 Instagram Accounts That You Need To Follow

5 Instagram Accounts That You Need To Follow

| On 27, May 2014

Instagram: the greatest procrastinating tool since the inception of Facebook.

Never has it been so easy to get lost in the depths of the internet when you’re actually meant to be doing an assignment/ doing some mundane task for work/ cooking dinner/ showering etc.

Here are the top 5 instagram accounts that hold my attention when I’m sitting in a lecture at 8am. 

1. @NevilleJacobs (aka Marc Jacobs’ Bull Terrier)

If you knew me, you would know very well that I am strangely infatuated with weird-looking animals. Neville Jacobs fits that bill so well. His cylindrical face is adorable and full of humanly facial expressions.  This dog has a better life than you ever will have. Neville is constantly hanging out with celebrities, modelling in Marc Jacobs’ campaigns, eating out at expensive restaurants  and holidaying in some pretty luxe spots. Look out for pictures with his equally adorable ‘brother’, Charlie Jacobs.



Capture 34


2. @PariDust (aka blogger Pari Ehsan)

Pari Ehsan is a Brooklyn-based blogger who matches her outfits to works of art. If that isn’t commitment, then I don’t know what is. The result is an Instagram profile that is unique and aesthetically pleasing. What’s more is that Pari gives a nice little biography about the artwork on her blog. Getting cultured while procrastinating means it’s not even procrastinating.





 3. @_thelustlist_ (aka graphic designer and illustrator, Sally Spratt)

Her motto is: “if you can’t have it, draw it”. What a shame I can’t draw. Sally on the other hand is a watercolour aficionado. Her pieces are sometimes cooler than the actual things themselves. With an upload on Instagram almost every day, Sally sure likes a lot of stuff. .






4. @iamgalla (aka blogger Adam Gallagher)

I could give you a spiel about how I love following Adam’s Instagram because I appreciate fine tailoring in men’s fashion, but really I follow Adam because he is insanely cute and has a boston terrier puppy. @iamgalla is full of swoon-worthy pictures of Adam strolling through grassy fields, sitting on stairs and staring off into the distance. If you don’t currently have a crush on a boy  you will never attain, prepare to fall in love with Adam Gallagher (I hope my boyfriend isn’t reading this).





5. @ttomasihill (aka most stylish person on earth, Taylor Tomasi Hill)

I am sure I have already professed my love for Taylor Tomasi Hill. Her name is awesome, her hair is awesome and her fashion sense is so killer it hurts. Taylor’s Insta, is laden with sweet snaps of her outfits, events that she attends and flower arrangements from her new business venture ‘TTH Blooms’. 






These should all waste at least 15 minutes of your time. Happy procrastinating!

All images sourced from instagram profiles of those featured.