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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 28, 2020

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5 Ways To Update Your Portfolio And Get Creatives To Notice You

5 Ways To Update Your Portfolio And Get Creatives To Notice You

| On 09, Sep 2014

Portfolios are a tricky thing these days, with our online profiles floating around on Linkedin, Flikr, Tumblr and other social media platforms, we often leave a trace of our skills and knowledge online.

But how do we channel these pieces of work into a portfolio that is both innovative and will get your creative employer to notice you?

More and more creatives are branding their image and their work using online platforms, and consequently the many pages that we often carry around as artists, photographers or designers can sometimes be an industry expectation.

So in this day of high-competition, scarce jobs and our expectancy to be creative and innovative, how can we stand out beyond the rest?

Number 1: Don’t be afraid to use multi-platforms to get noticed

Everyone is moving online for their portfolios and self branding to get jobs. Whilst that may be trendy, employees get bored of that quickly when they have to shuffle through an extensive list of URLS and online resumes/portfolios.

Product design and development consultancy Intridea decided they’d do things a little differently, and took traditional printing techniques and meshed them with online user-integrated apps, to get the attention of ad agency Ogilvy & Mather.

They paid for a billboard to sport the words right across from Ogilvy & Mather’s offices in New York, that read, “Ogle this, Ogilvy” and directs the agency to a custom URL citing “Made you look. Now hire us.”

So you may be asking, did this work? Well apparently it did, Ogilvy New York CEO Lou Aversano and Ogilvy One Managing Director Dimitri Maex have contacted the small company for a meeting next week. Wow, Ogilvy this!

Number 2: Try Printing a link of your Portfolio/ Resume on a creative piece of work

Showing that you think outside the box and that you are indeed ‘creative’ is more than just printing your portfolio another colour, it can mean making custom URLS and printing them on something interesting.

For instance take Brennan Gleason, a graphic designer who wasn’t having much luck getting noticed, so he decided to combine his skills for designing and his love for craft beer to land his dream job.


Number 3: Make a video of yourself and your current projects

Videos are always more interesting to watch than reading or viewing portfolios. This way you can explain your work projects as you show them to your potential employers.

Number 4: Keep your work clear and simple and let your portfolio stand on its own

Ok, so once you’ve got the attention of a potential employer by making them click on your interactive URL, or skim through your online profile and portfolio, the next step is to let your portfolio do the talking.

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Don’t over do it too much, because once you have that click you wanted in the first place, you need to make it clear that you are the person for the job.

Having a simple structure that is appealing and draws attention is always best!

Number 5: Eliminate projects that don’t fit in with your creative direction and job application

A suggestion would be to personalize your portfolio for the type of creative job you’re applying for, and only show projects that appeal to that discourse, eliminating all other irrelevant information.

This way you will be able to show clearly how the projects that you have done in relation to the field you’re applying for are relevant to the job application.

Today, tailoring our portfolios to direct them to specific job applications can be the key to landing that dream job, but this means that we can be more creative and innovative when it comes to doing so.

So don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine outside of the traditional box and try different ways to draw attention to your set of skills, after all you’re in the creative biz!

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