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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 29, 2020

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A Coupla Dogs: Every Dog Has Their Day

A Coupla Dogs: Every Dog Has Their Day
Paige Duffy

As part of Brisbane Festival 2018, Dog Spoon presents the world premiere of their new work A Coupla Dogs.  

Dog Spoon’s A Coupla Dogs is a work that appeals to a variety of audience members. To some, the performance can simply be two dogs in a shelter, talking canine concerns, learning the tricks to appeal to adoptees, and waiting for that fateful day when they find their furever home — pun intended. However, the work explores a realm of dog philosophy both unique to our canine friends yet relevant to human society and nature and how we treat, care for, and perceive our four-legged and two-legged companions.

Co-writer and director Andrew Cory began writing this play almost twenty years ago while studying theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the time, he only wrote the first three scenes, and the play wasn’t developed further until this year when co-writer Sue Rider joined Cory to bring the play to fruition to premier at Brisbane Festival 2018. This fact is a brilliant reminder to any writer to hold on to your projects as their chance may be yet to come. A Coupla Dogs is poignant for 2018 and the political power systems in place, the want for change, and the courage to pursue that change.

Dogs have the power in their honesty to remind us to be aware of the immediate world around us and the moment we are in. Dogs do not have ulterior moments. They show what the feel, and they have an unwavering level of trust towards the hand that feeds them. Or do they? A Coupla Dogs shows what happens when two dogs, an old hound who’s seen the good and bad in man and dog, and a young pup with a lot to prove, deal with a world and environment that is both kind and cruel. Will they do the time and wait for adoption? Or is there a bigger bone to pick?

A Coupla Dogs is an exciting new work with the potential to bring political awareness and discussion to a wide range of audiences of all ages. The production is funny, thoughtful, entertaining, and well worth an evening at Brisbane Festival and QUT’s Theatre Republic.


The Details

What: A Coupla Dogs

Where: Theatre Republic — The Block, QUT Creative Industries

When: Tuesday 25 September – Saturday 29 September

Price: $24 – $32


Images provided by Brisbane Festival 2018