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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | March 8, 2021

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A Day In The Life: Alix Langley

A Day In The Life: Alix Langley
Bianca Aniceto

Like many of us Alix Langley, a professional model, is working through the effects and mayhem of COVID-19 on the fashion and modelling industry. We caught up with Alix to discuss the effects that how she as a professional model is continuing with her day-to-day life with the upcoming and current social restrictions.

The Creative Issue: There’s been so much mayhem going on in the world due to COVID-19, what advice would you give to your fellow creatives throughout this time?

Alix Langley: I think the best thing we can do is stay positive and keep calm. It can be hard with this mayhem going on but self-isolating can be a blessing in disguise. By doing this we are not only putting ourselves out of risk but our family also. We can utilise this time to work on future projects, make connections via socials and most importantly work on ourselves. If we aren’t okay, we cannot expect our work to be okay. We can start to implement morning routines and create a great relationship with ourselves. I know I can find myself immersed in work so it is nice to spend this time reflecting on what I can do better.

TCI: What’s the usual outline of your day when you’re at a photoshoot?

AL: 6AM: I always start my day off with a black coffee while I stretch or before a morning walk.
8AM: Prep for the shoot- Shower, moisturise, look over the stimulus for the day and pack my model bag. (Including packed food in case food isn’t on set)
11AM: I don’t really tend to eat until around 11 am as I get morning sickness so, if the shoot is in the morning I’ll eat after or if it’s a bit later I’ll eat before. Smoothies are my go-to morning food! Can be diverse, easy to travel with and so yum. I avoid dairy on shoot days, as I can get bloated very quickly.
3PM: Photoshoot usually has wrapped up so depending on where I am, I will explore the location and try to find a nice spot for a late lunch. I love eating salads, can’t go wrong with chicken and greens. 4PM: Travel home and try squeeze in another workout if the day hasn’t taken it out of me. Depends on how my body is feeling. Otherwise, I will go home, prep food for dinner, remove my makeup/look for the day, update socials and read a book.
6PM: Dinner time! I like to eat egg white omelettes packed with veggies with rice or sweet potato. Also, love stirfrys. I do have a sweet tooth so if I’m feeling extra sweet, I will have some dark chocolate or Peanut butter on rice cakes.
8PM: Night time routine consists of peppermint tea, cleansing the skin, stretching, coming off social media and reading what is on tomorrows agenda.

TCI: What’s been the usual outline of your day when you’re not a photoshoot or while you’ve been self-isolating/social distancing? 

AL: 6AM- Yes I am that weird morning person. I start my day off the same, usually stretching to slowly wake up the body.
8AM- Prep for the day, contact the agency on upcoming jobs, check socials, seek inspiration.
10AM- Workouts, I usually head to the gym and work on bodyweight exercises such as pilates or go on long walks exploring new places.
11:30AM- Smoothie time! My diet doesn’t usually change too much on my off days. I eat my greens always. Afternoons usually consist of maintenance periods. I use these days to do things such as getting my hair done, massages, sauna, cryotherapy, facials, food preparation or hanging out with family.
2PM- Lunchtime! Same ol’ salad. Love adding roasted vegetables into ones on my off days as I have more time to cook. I spend this time in between to work on other projects such as Youtube, studying or podcasting.
6PM: Dinner time can be a bit different. I love having soup or homemade cauliflower-based pizzas!
8PM: Night time routine of peppermint tea, cleansing the skin, stretching, coming off social media and reading what is on tomorrows agenda.

TCI: How do you think COVID-19 is effecting the fashion and modelling industry? What can we do to support one another in this time?

AL: The fashion industry is being affected just like the others. We come into contact with people on the daily especially makeup artists, castings being cancelled as there are many girls in one room, many shows have been cancelled or postponed. It is devastating but we have to look after ourselves at the end of the day. I think designers are going to come back bigger and better than ever having their creative minds at work during isolation. The best we can do to support each other right now is to be open to conversations and plan ahead for when this is all over. Just do what we can during this crazy time.

Since the beginning of her professional modelling career in 2017, Alix has worked successfully with well-known publications and runway events such as Brisbane Fashion Month, Queensland Brides Expo, Brisbane News Magazine, Beauté+ Magazine, Scorpio Jin Magazine, Horizont Magazine and more.

Alix is currently signed with Vivien’s Modeling Management.

Images: Jess LaFrankie & Vivien’s Modeling Management 

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