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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 17, 2022

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A Day In The Life: Brooke Falvey

A Day In The Life: Brooke Falvey
Jessica McKenna


With work commitments being pushed to adapt in a world overcome by COVID-19, creatives are learning new ways to acclimatise to change and produce cultivating content in a new life of uncertainty.

For Brooke Falvey, a Brisbane based freelance writer, fashion influencer and model, her days are full of optimism and spreading cheer on her Instagram – What Brooke Wore, whilst also writing for clients and helping them adjust to the new normal.


Brooke wearing flowing dress


The Creative Issue: What do you do for work?

Brooke Falvey: I’m a freelancer writer. I have a fashion column in U on Sunday magazine and another one in Brisbane News. I also do a little modelling on the side and run a fashion-focused account on Instagram called What Brooke Wore. I’m also a trained stylist.


TCI: How long have you been active on social media and worked in journalism?

BF: I’ve had my Instagram account for five years; and have been writing my columns for the past couple of years.


TCI: How did you get into the career you have now?

BF: A storyteller at heart, I’ve been a journalist since 2000, but in that time I’ve dipped my toe into different roles from working on community newspapers, to PR and marketing for one of Queensland’s major hospitals. I’ve also worked in the not-for-profit space, which I really enjoy.

I joined the team at U on Sunday two years ago – it was a great match because I get to use my writing skills and my love of fashion. To further enhance my skills, I recently completed a Masters of Advanced Professional Styling through the Australian Style Institute.


TCI: What is the first thing you do in the morning to start your workday?

BF: I jump online first thing in the morning to catch up on social media, respond to clients and get a bit of a lay of the land, especially at the moment. From there, it depends what the day holds; sometimes I’ll go for a run mid-morning to get moving and get out of my head.


TCI: Since COVID-19, has your workday changed in terms of content you produce or how your day typical runs?

BF: Things are quieter on the work front than they were before COVID-19 hit and I’ve been keen to self-isolate as best I can to help flatter the curve.

My morning routine is quite similar to what it was, but now I’m making a concerted effort to get outside and go for a run or move in some way each day—both for my mental health and also to counteract all my snacking!

I’ve been doing some writing work for some clients, helping them manage the every changing situation with their businesses and communicate that to their clients.

I’m also still popping up on my Instagram account multiple times a day to spread a little cheer. I think everyone is feeling so overwhelmed, that sometimes it’s nice to see a familiar face and share a few laughs if we can.



TCI: How do you think COVID-19 is affecting the fashion and modelling industry?

BF: I think brands of all sizes are struggling at the moment as boutiques and shopping centres close due to lockdown. Online shopping is definitely in demand (comfy clothes and archive wear is proving very popular) but people are also wary of spending money when we’re facing another recession. Or they just don’t have it to spend.

Modelling has also paused for the time being – but hopefully it will pick back up. And a lot of stylists have taken their role into the virtual world, offering online consults and wardrobe edits.


TCI: Do you have any advice to creatives who feel like they struggling in this current environment?

BF: I think everyone (creative or not) needs to do what feels right for them and their mental health. If you feel better when you’re busy, find some online courses or make new connections and grow your networks; if you’d rather lie low and just binge watch tv, that’s fine too so do that (I love The Bold Type, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and Tiger King).


Follow Brooke on her socials to gain endless inspiration on both fashion and life.

Instagram: @what_brooke_wore

Follow Brookes articles on both Brisbane News and U on Sunday


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