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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 13, 2021

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A Day in the Life: Marli Smales

A Day in the Life: Marli Smales
Tyne Cochran

The pandemic has left us with no bars and no gigs, so where does this leave the many musicians that thrive through the hospitality industry? 

We’ve been chatting with some of Brisbane’s creatives to see how they’re doing cooped up in isolation. With venues closing left, right and centre, it is getting harder for workers all across the hospitality and music industry to maintain a job. Without these venues staying open, there are no gigs for musicians to perform, or for fans to go to.

This week, we caught up with Marli Smales, a talented bassist and hospo worker from Brisbane. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 regulations, both of Marli’s hospitality workplaces have been shutdown, leaving her without any work. Now, let’s see how her everyday life has been impacted by the pandemic.



“My name is Marli Smales, I’m 20 and play bass in Good Boy, Chakra Efendi and Harmon. The pandemic has ruled out pretty much all gigs and practices for me. I live in a house full of musos so we’ve actually set up a drum kit/keys/ guitar and bass amps up in our lounge room so we can all jam when we feel like it. This has been a huge relief, as it’s super strange to go from playing and practicing music two to three times a week to nothing.

Like most musicians I’m a hospitality worker and work between two jobs to keep me afloat. My usual day starts at 7:30am and can sometimes go through until 10pm, which means getting two to three band practices in a week can be hard sometimes, but it can be done! I had quite a few events cancelled I was really looking forward to which has been a disheartening outcome of COVID-19. I was going on tour with Hallie, and the last show with Good Boy was meant to be in April. It’s a shame but I think that the quality of music and art that’s going to come out of the pandemic is going to be incredible and very inspiring! I’m very excited to see what everyone’s been cooking up in their bedrooms in isolation aha.”



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Remember if you are struggling or you want to help those that are struggling during this crisis, there are resources you can access below.

Support Act 

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Sound of Silence

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