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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 12, 2022

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A day in the life of a dancer: Liam Geck

A day in the life of a dancer: Liam Geck

| On 02, Apr 2020

Call it destiny, hard work, or a little of both, Liam is a dancer. This is the making of, and a day in the life of Queensland Ballet’s Liam Geck.

Born in Brisbane and introduced to the world of dance by his mother – Liam started dancing from the age of 3. “I loved it, kept it up and here we are, the rest is history” said Liam.

As he continued learning in classes after school, he had nothing but love for ballet. “I loved the music and I loved having something to do after school that was creative and physical,” said Liam.

At 14 Liam finished the QB junior program, and decided to audition for the senior program and do part time schooling. “I said, ‘Mum I really want to audition for this, and I hope I get it and can make something of it.’

“I mean I was watching Queensland Ballet from such a young age, and it really was my dream company from the first time I saw them.”

Now, as a dancer in Queensland Ballet’s company, Liam’s day is completely full. “For me I like to get up and go to the gym, because it keeps my body active, warms me up and is functional. And then I get to work at about 9am and stretch and warm up.”

“At 10 am we start our daily classes which go for 1.5 hours. We then have a small lunch break and go straight into rehearsals until 6 pm, with an hour lunch break at around 1:45 pm.”

“It might change when we go to the theatre for a season. We might start a little later, do a shorter class, and then get into costumes and get ready and do stage runs or performances. We would have a longer dinner break in the afternoon after the matinee performance, and then we have a show that night and finish whenever the show finishes.”

Having performed 8 shows in 2019, Queensland Ballet shows are a regular at QPAC.

On getting nervous for performances, Liam comments “I think everyone gets nervous, especially if you have a big role that you’ve been preparing for months for. You want it to go well, and everyone has different rituals and different ways that they can go out and use their nerves for good, rather than hindering their performance. I try to focus on what I’ve got to do and visualise what is going to happen on stage before I go out and do it. It really helps me focus and centre myself so that I can go out and do the best that I can.”

As for his favourite part of working as a dancer, Liam knows how amazing his job is. “Just being really involved in a creative space. I get to go to work and do things that the average job doesn’t get to do. I’m not sitting behind a desk, I get to create fun characters, dance moves, and become characters on stage to entertain people. I think that is a really special feeling.”

When asked what he is looking forward to this year, it is the end of year performance of The Nutcracker. “Especially after this year, it’ll be nice to bring some laughter and joy to families who have obviously had a tough year this year. I think getting back onto the stage and bringing that joy into people’s lives again.”

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