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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 8, 2020

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A HORRORfying End To BrisFest

A HORRORfying End To BrisFest
Nahima Kern

What do you love about the good old horror genre? Is it the spine-tingling sensation that you get when faced with the opening strains of the soundtrack’s soft strings, pervading your very core? How about the shock of the unexpected? Or when blood squirts theatrically across a room after some hapless soul has had a limb cut off? The simple and aptly named Horror, presented by Brisbane Festival and Datacom is a celebration of all things Horror. Whether it’s the tropes, characters or creepy ghouls that haunt your nightmares, Horror has it all. Interestingly, the hour and twenty minutes long production is performed exclusively without dialogue. This makes for an engaging and suspenseful production filled with awe-inspiring visual effects performed to an equally disturbing soundtrack.

One can assume the premise takes place in a haunted mansion, however the fact that this show was performed through mime, stretches the imagination to its limits and allows for a little wiggle room. The cast and creative team, hailing from Europe, seemed to take that ancient love of fear, so often found in folktales and elevated it with tropes often depicted in Horror film. What this then created was something almost magical, not just because chairs moved across rooms and women were levitated or came out of tv screens. What was so amazing about this show was the love of the genre that unified both the audience and the actors onstage. Collective gasps were scattered throughout the auditorium like ghostly sighs and the scream that came out of Gwen Langenberg’s mouth was truly terrifying. That nostalgic feeling of wanting to be terrified was what unified the audience and made for a sinfully good experience. Horror was an experience that lingered on in the mind long after the curtain fell. It was a truly unique experience, devoid of pretention and cheap thrills.

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