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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 18, 2021

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A Magical and Mysteriously White Night

Ratu Lewis

Le Diner en Blan Notre DameOne of the world’s most secret events will be coming to Sydney and Brisbane this year – Le Dîner en Blanc. This mass “chic picnic” comes from Paris, France and is one of the most exclusive events around where guests meet in a public space and conduct themselves with the greatest decorum, elegance, and etiquette.

This night of white will be held on 1st September. But sorry we can’t tell you the exact location or the time because the thing is the location is only given at the last minute to the thousands of friends and acquaintances dressed all in white.

This thrilling and delightful night was created 24 years ago by François Pasquier and a handful of his friends. Today nearly 15,000 people celebrate the evening each year in some of the most prestigious places of the French capital.

Le Dîner en Blanc recalls the elegance and glamour of court society, and diners engage one another knowing they are taking part in a truly magical event – participating in the unexpected. Guests are brought together from diverse backgrounds by a love of beauty and good taste.

The steps of the evening include:

1. Arrival

By bus or organized public transit, guests arrive at the secret location. They are accompanied by their Table Leader who will assign their precise seating arrangements.

2. Set-up

Without wasting any time, they set up their table and chairs. Guests wait for their entire row to have set up before taking a seat.

3. The Beginning

Once all guests are settled in, they spontaneously lift their cloth napkins to indicate the beginning of the dinner. Traditionally this is a sign of having occupied the public space.

4. Le “Dîner”

In one of the most beautiful locations of the city, accompanied by their closest friends, guests will enjoy their finely prepared meal. Guests remain seated until the end of the dinner and the official opening of the dance floor.

Sparklers le Diner en Blanc

5. Sparklers

The most magical moment of the night is the lighting of sparklers by all the guests. It also indicates the opening of the dance floor.

6. Dancing

That’s pretty self explanatory.

7. Cleaning up

Out of respect for their city’s public space guests clean up their area and leave the location with their own trash bag.

8. The End

At the end of the evening, all guests leave at the same time, taking with them the memory of an unforgettable experience
But like we said it is extremely exclusive and you can only obtain an invite if you already know a member or if you register on the official waiting list. But it’s a first come, first served to register now here.

e sure to check out the website, and the Facebook page for more information and pictures.

Good luck with registering!