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A trip to Nam... Nam.

A trip to Nam… Nam.

| On 15, Jan 2014

If you didn’t know it was there… you’d completely miss it. Just like looking at the strip of land comprising Vietnam on a world map.

Nam Nam, tucked away amongst the bustle on busy Adelaide Street, serves fresh and fast Vietnamese street-food including rice paper rolls, Banh Mi (Viet-French sandwiches), Pho Tai and more.

A great alternative to takeaway sushi, rice paper rolls are full of fresh, Asian flavours. They make a great lunchtime snack, due to their portability and low price. Nam Nam advocates that their rolls are for “the health conscious, and for those that are sick of sushi rolls!” This Viet-ternative definitely delivers.

Nam Nam, Adelaide Street

After great deliberation, I chose a two-pack of pan fried Chinese tofu with shiitake mushroom rice paper rolls. In my hangry (hungry and angry) state, I was under the impression this wouldn’t satisfy my ravenous state.

I begrudgingly paid a whole $5.20 for my two rice paper babies and ate them in nearby Anzac Square. They were delicious; fantastically fresh, toasted tofu, vivacious veggies and naughty noodles. Most importantly, I was full for $5.20.

Other delicious options include the Pho Tai – a noodle and beef broth, Banh Mi – a French baguette with a Viet twist and many more interesting rice paper roll flavours.

The Nam Nam wins don’t stop there – they raise Asian efficiency to a whole new level with an online ordering iPhone app. You can order everything on their menu online, specify your pick-up time and pay. This feature provides me and many other hangry sufferers reassurance that our bad moods will be curbed in a timely manner by delicious Vietnamese food.

Nam Nam is a must try. Especially if you’re a slave to fresh, genuine and quick food. It really ticks all the boxes.

The Details
What: Nam Nam Rolls 
14/178 Adelaide St Brisbane QLD 4000
When: Monday – Friday 9.30am – 7.00pm. Closed Saturday, Sunday

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Efficiency, freshness, inexpensive. What more could one want in their lunchbreak?