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A Wild Night of Pure Entertainment with Boy&Girl

A Wild Night of Pure Entertainment with Boy&Girl

| On 26, Sep 2016

It’s that time of year again when Boy&Girl graces the stage of the Brisbane Powerhouse. Prepare your bodies for an outrageously sexy and entertaining show. Word of caution: the front seats receive a lot of attention.

Returning to the Powerhouse for the third time, the latest season of Boy&Girl pushed all the boundaries and delivered a cheeky night of pure entertainment. The Oscar Theatre Company’s newest production is an example of cabaret at its finest. Featuring Ellen Reed (as seen on channel 9’s The Voice) and a live band with singers, dancers, acrobats and more! Boy&Girl is a gender bent cabaret that’s been flipped on its head.

As I took my seat on Saturday night, the performers provided the audience with a little pre-show entertainment that included a unique rendition of Britney Spear’s classic Oops! I did it again. As the lights dim, we were introduced to our host of the evening, the filthy troubadour (Steve Hirst). Hirst had the audience in the palm of his hands with his charming smile and hilarious accent. Accompanied by his niece Helga from Hamburg (Aya Valentine), the two were unforgettable as they work the stage in scantily clad clothes.


A highlight of the evening was a hilarious rendition of Long John Blues sung by Steven Bishop as Miss Poodle. The drag queen goddess was full of surprises as she crawled, tap-danced and sashayed across the stage. The evening was jam-packed with perfect performances and it is difficult to rave about each one. Although, I must comment on the energetic performance by the women of Boy&Girl for their theatrical version of Grease Lightning. The vocals of the fierce Aurelie had the audience dancing away in their seats. The execution was flawless and choreographer Dan Venz must be commended on his ability to produce a fun but tight dance number.

Boy&Girl explored topics that are often considered ‘taboo’ and does it in a safe but hilarious way.  Throughout the acts, the audience was given the opportunity to reflect on society and the manner in which we handle certain situation. Boy&Girl raised questions through music and dance but it was completely up to the audience on what they took away from the show. One thing is for sure, Boy&Girl is a wild one night stand you won’t regret in the morning.

The Details

What:  Boy&Girl
Where: Brisbane Powerhouse
When: 23 September – 9 October  2016
How Much: $45 – $50

For tickets, head to the Powerhouse’s website here.