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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 27, 2022

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An Absolutely Gorgeous Frock - Tales Of A Time Travelling Songstress

An Absolutely Gorgeous Frock – Tales Of A Time Travelling Songstress

| On 13, Jun 2016

You have to love the idea of time travel. To be able to witness all that has, is and will happen must be both a blessing and a curse.




So when Bobbie-Jean Henning’s character, Kittie, wakes up in the same place but in a foreign time, you can really begin to see that time travel might not be as rose-tinted as Doctor Who makes it out to be. Tales of a Time Travelling Songstress follows Kittie’s story through from when she was a a young woman to an unspecified point in her travelling life. One day she wakes up to find herself in the 30s when she herself is from the 20s. Then, the time travelling continues and Kittie has to accept that this is her life now, She tries to adapt but always finds it difficult to find a real home due to her constantly having to leave at random moments. She meets a myriad of different characters along the way and their stories are woven together like a beautiful garment. And it truly was one gorgeous frock. Bobbie-Jean performed her role admirably with a maturity and charm that most actors her age don’t possess. There’s no denying that this girl has charisma that drew the audience in.




Her performance made the audience laugh, tugged at heart strings, and you could really see she was giving it her all. The script may have had some blanks but the world of the work itself was so vast that the imagination of the audience filled them in. Well, at least mine did. This production, accompanied by the delicate and beautifully rendered piano and music directing of Benjamin Kiehne, was haunting and delightful in turn letting the audience into a strange and beautiful world that resonated deeply throughout the space and provided an insight into the life of a simple girl, trying to survive in a world that was beyond her understanding or control.

Image Credit: The Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts