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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | April 1, 2020

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Lucinda Bayly

Ksubi’s AD/BC collection is creating ripples throughout the Australian fashion world.  With the collection harboring brocade and baroque stylistic motifs, it’s no wonder when the threads are hanging off your body, you get an overwhelming sense of self-importance that could only come with royalty.



Never to be outdone, Ksubi has claimed this modern trend all as it’s own – cueing plenty of other brands and chain stores to transitionally copy the designs, with stitched baroque patterns popping up on shorts and jackets all across the country.  Integrating these regal and extravagant themes with their classic street wear signature style, the outcome is something that has been virtually untouched within Australia fashion.  Think gold and black everything – sweatshirts, silk patterned tees that are reminiscent of 90’s Versace, and skirts – all somehow created with the Middle Ages in mind.


A personal favourite of the collection is the bomber jacket – only two being made in each size for each respective store.  The bomber has weaseled it’s way into our wardrobes as a must-have for the upcoming winter season, and Ksubi has adorned it with the luxurious baroque stitching on the sleeves to make it completely lust-worthy, and almost worth the $550 it’s been priced at.  The fact that every piece in this collection is so fluent, self-assured and contemporary makes it easy to convince yourself that you need every single piece hanging in your wardrobe.


The collection is available at Denim Co. in South Bank, or at the Ksubi. Boutique located in James Street.