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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 5, 2020

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Alfredo’s Pizzeria Fires Up The Oven

Lyneta Darlington

To say I love pizza would be an understatement. It is the greatest thing to happen to my life. Pizza (Hut) gave me my first job, my first car and even my first love. So when I say that the pizza at Alfredo’s is life-changingly good you know’s it true, if not a little biased.


Located directly behind the uber popular Alfred & Constance, Alfredo’s Pizzeria is a first for Brisbane in many ways. For one it’s open til late 7 days a week, meaning there is finally a place to comfortably dine after 9pm. Now I know the beauty of pizza is it’s general late night availability, but when I say late I’m talking 3am on Friday & Saturdays and midnight for the rest. Serving slices, whole pizzas and desserts until this time means you’ll no longer have to substitute quality for convenience.

(P)iggy and the Stooges & Brown Sugar Pizzas

(P)iggy and the Stooges & Brown Sugar Pizzas

Speaking of quality, this is the second and biggest game changer. The food here is interesting, authentic and fresh. We tried the Brown Sugar and (P)iggy and the Stooges pizzas. The names alone are worthy of praise (who doesn’t love a good rock ‘n’ roll pun?) but both dishes also tasted superb. Fresh rosemary, juicy pork and crispy crackling on a bed of apple sauce made the (P)iggy and the Stooges a stand out for me, but the Brown Sugar with it’s flavoursome meatballs and BBQ sauce was an extremely close runner-up. The crusts are a traditional thin base, which may be off-putting for some who are used to the firmer variety, but I found the even spread of toppings balanced this well and allowed for a nice folded style of eating. The service was also superior with the right level of assistance and friendliness. Our glasses of water were full all night and I didn’t even need to ask for a box for the leftovers.

Lastly, it seems Brisbane is home to some very stylish restaurateurs. From the glowing yellow sign to the old diced tomato-cum-cutlery cans, Alfredo’s has been thoughtfully decorated. Even though it’s a small space, the exposed brick walls, industrial light fittings, dark walls and foosball table help to create a ‘homey’ vibe where you can relax and focus on the good company and food.

The saying goes that “even bad pizza is good,” but when food like this comes along you remember just how good a pizza can be.  Plus with extras like mac and cheese, meatball sliders and waffles also on the menu, I foresee a very healthy relationship blossoming between Brisbane & Alfredo in the future.

The details:


Where: 39 Alfred Street, Fortitude Valley. Directly behind Alfred & Constance.


When: Monday – Thursday 5.30pm – midnight, Friday & Saturday 12pm – 3am, Sunday 12pm – midnight


How much: Food $5.50 – $21.90, drinks vary.