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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 20, 2022

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All-day breakfast and lunch with puppy cuddles? Yes, please!

All-day breakfast and lunch with puppy cuddles? Yes, please!
Bianca Aniceto

Travel 24km North-West of Brisbane CBD and you will find yourself in the magical land of Samford. Amongst the outstanding greenery and small country vibes, be sure to follow the yellow-brick road to the legendary Collies & Co. café – there you find an endless supply of puppies and delicious food! It’s basically heaven, we know.

In August 2019 registered dog breeders, Madeline and her husband Matt came across an unexpected opportunity to own a small café in the heart of Samford Village. And just a few months later the café has become a local showstopper! The main attraction? Border Collie puppies. Yes, you read that right!

Collies & Co. is an advocate for its socialisation program known as CSP (Critical Socialisation Period). This program is run for puppies between 3 weeks to 12 weeks old. Their aim is to expose the puppy to a various amount of experiences, places, people and animals to ensure that the puppy has a positive experience and exposure to the great, big world. This is to limit and reduce any negative behavioural issues that may occur if a puppy is not properly socialised. Which means puppy cuddles for us – whoo!

The café is via reservation only – with the puppies coming out to cuddle for three sessions per day. These cuddle sessions are from 7-8 am, 10-11 am, 1-2 pm so if you’d like to cuddle one of the pups make sure you book a table during this time. And if you’re a furry friend advocate don’t stress, Collies & Co. ensures to have two qualified vet nurses on-site at all times to monitor the puppies and their behaviours to notice any sign of stress or fatigue. Each puppy has its own name and personality that you will for sure fall straight in love with.

As of February 7th Collies & Co. will now also introduce foster puppies to their cuddle sessions from the ARQ (Animal Rescue Queensland), which are currently all available for adoption.*

Collies & Co. have also introduced puppy parties which are available for booking via email.

The menu at Collies and Co. is ensured to contain a variety of cold and hot drinks, toasties, all-day breakfast and burgers, as well as a small list of yummy treats for your dogs too!  Make sure to grab the Butterscotch waffles or Eggs Benny with Salmon, Bacon or Ham, and an Iced Cawfee for your pup. Collies and Co. also provide GF, vegetarian and vegan options. To access their menu click here.

So, if you’re on a first date or on the lookout for some birthday activities, or even an engagement (wink, wink) Collies & Co. will be able to supply your every need!

Head on to 14 Main Street in Samford to visit Collies & Co. Collies & Co. proudly partner with Zaryliam Border Collies (@zaryliambordercollies).

*Please note that the border collie puppies are not available for sale and are run by a separate company. Only the foster puppies are available to adopt.  

What: Collies & Co. Cafe
Where: 14 Main Street ​Samford Village, Q 4520
When: 7 am-3 pm daily, puppy cuddle sessions between 7-8 am, 10-11 am, 1-2 pm
Contact:, ​(07) 3889-1514, 0438 514 385