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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | October 22, 2019

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Allday Talks 'In Motion' and Touring

Allday Talks ‘In Motion’ and Touring

| On 23, Oct 2017

Allday spoke to us about his incredible year and his plans for the next one.

Tom Gaynor, more commonly known by his stage name Allday, is a rapper from Adelaide. He has been making music for the better part of a decade and most recently being his latest single with Japanese Wallpaper, ‘In Motion’. This track is taken from his latest album, Speeding, which was followed by a national tour and a set at Splendour in the Grass.

He played two shows at the Tivoli in July and is set to take the stage at Falls Festival at the end of the year. We spoke to Tom about his recent tours and next year.

The Creative Issue: Firstly, I don’t know what it is but it seems like there’s a lot of rappers coming out of Adelaide, what do you think it is down there that’s working for that genre?

Tom Gaynor: It’s just a boring, dry, sad place. I’m joking about that, I didn’t mean to sound so serious. I feel like growing up that was the primary bogan culture rather than whatever it is in other places like rock music.

TCI: I saw that hectic tattoo someone got of you a couple of months ago, what’s it like seeing stuff like that?

TG: That one was probably the weirdest one because it’s a full portrait of me it’s different to having a name or a lyric. It’s a lot, it’s full on. It can kind of make you panic but like I said on the caption, it’s inspiring. It’s not like I can go study veterinary science now like I’ve definitely got to keep putting out music now.


TCI: You played Splendour this year and drew in a big crowd, are you hoping for the same kind of thing at Falls?

TG: I hope those Falls shows are all alright at least.

TCI: You played two shows at the Tivoli the week after Splendour, how were the shows?

TG: Yeah they were good shows. Brisbane’s always super fun, Queensland in general is fun. New South Wales is fun. People are a bit nuts there, a bit cooked by the sun.

TCI: You did a short run of shows in America, are the shows received differently over there?

TG: Differently in that there’s not many people there, yeah. The people who are there are into it which is really cool. It’s a bit of an experience, it reminded me of why I make music and how lucky I am to tour around and share songs with people. People still brought artwork and letters and cool stuff like that.

TCI: Do you have a favourite song to perform live?

TG: It changes; depends how I’m feeling. Sometimes I’m feeling preachy so I want to rap a meaningful song. It just depends on what people like.


TCI: You’ve gone a bit quiet in terms of social media recently, what have you been doing?

TG: I don’t know. I’ve been making music. But I sometimes just don’t know what to say on social media. Sometimes I feel like being silly and making jokes but sometimes I feel like I should show this or show that. But other times I don’t know what to say anymore. I’m trying to make songs and get inspired so I don’t always have something to say.

TCI: You released your single with Japanese Wallpaper recently, how did that collaboration come about?

TG: I met him in the Gold Coast airport after Splendour [a few years ago] and he said, “I’m Japanese Wallpaper” and I said, “hello.” And then we made a song. Obviously I think he’s amazing and so we became friends from that. I think we’re going to keep making music together because we think it works.

TCI: What are you plans for next year?

TG: I’m in a pretty good spot right now where I’m making stuff fast. I’ve got a bunch of ideas of different things to do and different ways to make music and communicate more. It’s all very vague at the moment and I feel like I’m going to have a very busy year and have a lot stuff for people to enjoy.

Tom’s playing Sprung Festival this Saturday at the Gold Coast and is gearing up for a big 2018. You can find tickets to Sprung Festival here and follow Tom on Facebook here.

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