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Alliance Française Classic Film Festival Hits Brisbane

Alliance Française Classic Film Festival Hits Brisbane

| On 24, Aug 2016

Early this September, for the first time ever, the Alliance Française Classic Film Festival will be held at the Palace Barracks Cinemas in Brisbane City. The festival debuted in Sydney last year and was an instant hit. This year the Festival will screen nationally in 5 cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Perth.

Unlike many other film festivals, the Alliance Française Classic Film Festival celebrates the rediscovery of classic masterpieces in French cinema and French film history. This year over three spectacular days, the festival will present five iconic French films from 1952 – 1975 that feature 5 emblematic ‘blonde’ actresses. Thus the festival is titled ‘Les Blondes’. The actresses include Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Jean Seberg, Simone Signoret and Romy Schneider.

The festival will kick off on Friday the 2nd of September with Rappeneau’s ‘Lovers Like Us’. A perfume creator leaves the stress of Paris to live out his days on an island in the exotic Venezuela. He then meets the beautiful Nelly (Deneuve) who has just ended her engagement and is searching for something more in life. Comedy ensues as the pair undergo an emotional rollercoaster as they find themselves adrift at sea.

Breathless 2016

The second day of the Festival will feature ‘Breathless’ and ‘Cesar and Rosalie’. ‘Breathless’ was Jean-Luc Godard’s first feature film and was very experimental in the plot and directorial vision. This piece of cinema follows Michel (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who sees himself as a gangster. When Michel steals a car and shoots a policeman, he becomes a man on the run. But he can’t leave behind his love, the young American Patricia (Seberg) who he met only a few weeks earlier.

‘Cesar and Rosalie’ follows the classic love-triangle storyline. Set in Normandy, Rosalie (Schneider) spends her time between her mother’s and Cesar’s (Yves Montand) home with her child from a former marriage. As Rosalie began to fall in love with Cesar, her old flame David (Sami Frey) reappears to win her affection. Cesar and David go head to head to try and win the beautiful Rosalie. However, things take an unexpected twist.

Cesar and Rosalie 2016

The final day will be a showing of ‘Casque d’Or’ and ‘Viva Maria!’. The Alliance Française Classic Film Festival describes Casque d’Or as “an ill-fated story of an impossible love, inspired by the violent criminal underworld of early 20th century Paris.” Another love triangle ensues as Marie (Signoret) falls in love with a handsome stranger Georges (Serge Reggiani) at a dancehall. When her gangster lover Roland finds out the story descends into “conflict, treachery and murder.”

The final film shown at 6:30pm will be ‘Viva Maria!’. This extravagant French Western follows the story of Maria I (Bardot) who is the daughter of a life-long criminal. When she meets a dancer, Maria II (Jeanne Moreau), she is taken on as a protégé. When the two Maria’s meet Flores (George Hamilton) they are moved by the plight of the peasant and jump on the voluntary bandwagon.

Viva Maria! 2016

With special guest speakers before every film, the Alliance Française Classic Film Festival is expected to be a fun and interesting event that explores classic French films. For more information, schedules and bookings visit the Alliance Française Classic Film Festival here.

The Details:
What: Alliance Française Classic Film Festival
Where: Palace Barrack Cinema
When: Friday 2nd – Sunday 4th of September
Cost: $30

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