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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 12, 2019

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An Abundance of Nibbles!

Tiernan Silcock

It was yet another rainy day in Brisbane. I had nothing much to do, but was going a little stir crazy after IMG_1939spending the previous week locked inside. Along with my housemate, I forced myself out of bed and decided to go for a walk through the city. Two hours later, I found myself wandering through the Jan Powers Farmers Markets at the top of Queen Street.

Having lived in Brisbane for a few years now, and worked in the CBD for most of that time, I am ashamed to say that while I had seen these markets almost every week for years I had never walked through them. I had been missing out.

What started as a mission to get something to drink turned into two hours of sampling everything I could get my hands on. For lunch on the go and on a budget, you cannot beat these markets. My first very excited stop was at the Sugarcane juice stall. For those of you who haven’t tried it before, it is both delicious and not as bad for you as you might assume, rich in calcium, irons and vitamins…at least this is what I want to believe!

From here, I moved over to the bakery stall where I purchased bagels, sesame rolls and pastries full of feta, spinach and chives. This was followed by a taste test at the Japanese curry stall, the popcorn station, the macaroons and a little bit of ice cream. After a small break to digest, I ended the day with a selection of dim sum.

While I admit to overeating and feeling quite unwell as a result, I don’t regret a thing. It was refreshing to be able to try bits and pieces with completely unique flavours. I plan to go back next Wednesday, as I unfortunately did not have the time nor room in my stomach to try any pasta or paella.

The market also features a large amount of fresh fruit and vegetables for sale, all of which were incredibly cheap, along with a few crafts stalls. Farmers, chefs and artisans attend the markets each week, which are held every Wednesday from 6am till 6pm at the river end of Queen Street, Brisbane.

If you have some free time, this is definitely the place to be, and I promise you will not be hungry for at least a week after!

If you can’t make it in to the city for your fix of deliciousness, Jan Power’s Markets are held in several other locations on different days of the week. For more information click here.