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An Idyllic Lunch At Wild Canary, Brookfield

An Idyllic Lunch At Wild Canary, Brookfield

| On 28, Nov 2014

Nestled behind the Brookfield Garden Centre is Wild Canary, offering an oasis of calm. Hidden behind a sprawling garden, this botanical bistro serves beautiful food, with a focus on fresh produce picked straight from their kitchen garden.

I recently visited Wild Canary and felt instantly calm and refreshed as I stepped through the lush garden and past the beds of aromatic herbs, vegetables and edible flowers. Palm trees and bamboo filter in cool air to the restaurant whose walls are decorated with exuberantly coloured artwork by Jakki Boucat, bringing even more life to the room.


As Wild Canary sources a lot of their produce from their own kitchen garden, the menu is truly seasonal. Chefs are constantly harvesting the garden to find ingredients that add a special touch to their dish.

This special touch is seen throughout Wild Canary’s list of colourful mains. Whether it’s the coriander salt popcorn with the double baked cheese soufflé or the Australian made Lirah caramelised balsamic vinegar with the heritage tomato salad, Wild Canary willingly goes that extra distance to ensure that the balance of flavour is perfect in every dish.



Although the main menu is extremely tantalising, my group could not get past the specials of the day of our visit.

The favourite dish at our table was the special of baked snapper with roasted pumpkin, asparagus and couscous. The dish was as pretty as a picture with pansies poking through and breaking the display with your fork can be quite upsetting! But not once you taste the fish. Perfectly cooked and flaky, the snapper was seasoned to perfection and all four plates of this dish were clean at the end of the meal.


Another favourite was the other special of roasted pork belly with an Asian slaw. This was, by far, the best pork belly I’ve had in a long while. The flesh was amazingly soft and juicy and melted in my mouth. Again, the chefs at Wild Canary are proving their worth with their perfectly cooked protein as the crackling was, of all things, crackly. The tang of the Asian slaw, which was rich in coriander and lime, cut through the lushness of the pork and made this dish a surprisingly light spring lunch.


Whilst the specials were amazing, Wild Canary’s regular menu was equally delicious. Whether it was the Thai beef salad, the Cuban pulled pork toastie or the lamb belly with grilled peach, they were all beautifully balanced and extremely flavoursome.

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Make sure you keep room in your belly for dessert as Wild Canary offers some crackers! The standout dessert dish was the deconstructed lemon meringue. It was tart with an intense lemon flavour the cut through the richness of the dish.


So if you want to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a peaceful lunch that allows you to soak up the sun, head to Wild Canary. Enjoy a delicious meal with the freshest of fresh ingredients and make sure you stop to smell the roses!



Who Wild Canary

Where 2371 Moggil Rd, Brookfield

When 8.30am-4pm 7 days a week

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With delicious food and friendly staff, Wild Canary offers an oasis of calm.