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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | January 28, 2021

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An Interview With 'StartUp Creative' On How To Pursue Your Own Dreams

An Interview With ‘StartUp Creative’ On How To Pursue Your Own Dreams

| On 28, Feb 2015

Kaylene Langford, the founder, brains and inquisitive mind behind StartUp Creative, a Gold Coast based company shares with Creative Drinks the perils and successes of encouraging young professionals to follow their entrepreneurial dreams.

What the hell am I doing?

Does this sentence resonate with you when ending words are added such as… With my life?… With my career?… With my time?… With my talent?

Then you’re not alone, the number of youths who are unemployed and looking to transition into fully pledged working adults with a career and aspirations are concerns that are of heavy debate in Australian politics and also amongst our kitchen tables.

Recognising this problem within our system, StartUp Creative chose this subject matter to be the title for their new workshop.

So what are we doing? Kaylene and her team hope to empower young professionals into finding ways to manifest their dreams into realities by turning on their entrepreneurial flare.

In the pursuit of finding oneself and following our dreams, Kaylene will be holding the workshop ‘What The Hell Am I Doing?’ at the Kirra Hill Community Centre on the Gold Coast on Saturday March the 7th in the aim of fostering this spirit of entrepreneurship.

So we asked her her ambitions behind the company and how she can empower youth to follow their dreams and break free from the mould and expectations of youth in employment.

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CD: Great project, what was your inspiration for StartUp Creative?

KL: I was done with the 9-5 working environment and was literally sick and tired of commuting 4 hours a day to a job I wasn’t inspired by. I started reading a book that challenged me to stop sitting around waiting for my perfect job and instead start creating it. So I did. I came up with the idea of StartUp Creative and now I help more young people turn their passion into their careers.

CD: Why do you think young people find it difficult to embrace their entrepreneurial flare?

KL: We are never taught to explore our creative and innovative side. From age 6 we learn how to memorise answers to fill in blanks in order to excel in the schooling system. For 12 years we learn to memorise what is the correct answers so we get a high score and go to university to learn to memorise more what other people tell us is right. By the time we finish at university we learn to give the right answers in a job interview so we become the right fit and can learn how things are done. Where is the inspiration for change, opportunities to innovate and coming up with exciting new ways of doing things?

I often see young people stand up with alternative ideas that disrupt the norm but there aren’t many institutions or organisations that cultivate and encourage that way of thinking.

Kaylene - 2

Kaylene Langford

“I once read a quote from someone who said – ‘the thing with starting your own business is that you can never really look back and say wow I’ve made it.’ Entrepreneurship is non-stop.”

CD: What was the most difficult aspect of starting your own business?

KL:  I think the best thing you can do as an entrepreneur is, find yourself a good mentor or coach and continue to bounce ideas and check in with what and how you are moving the business forward.

CD: What process or help is out there for young people to inform themselves about starting up their own business?

KL: In my experience the help was very hidden under lingo, uninspiring business people and boring documents. We are actually very lucky that we live in a part of the world that makes it very easy for people to start their own business within a matter of hours.

StartUp Creative aims to interpret all things business and deliver it to young people in a creative, inspiring and empowering way. We offer 1:1 coaching to help you identify how your idea could work, workshops (What the Hell Am I Doing?), to build on your idea and put all the building blocks in place, [including] networks and resources to grow your business.

CD: We encounter many obstacles, not just as business owners but as young people without experience, what would be some advice you would give our readers to empower them to speak out about their work?

KL: START NOW! Get experience! Fake it till you make it! Start small with your business. Fear is the biggest thing that kills ideas and peoples dreams – I am still scared that StartUp Creative is going to fail, but if I didn’t take the leap to leave my safe job for this I wouldn’t have been happy. You will be surprised how much passion and desperation to not fail will keep you from failing. Just keep moving forward, even if it is little steps – take one day at a time and don’t get too ahead of yourself.

CD: How do you think the growth of co-working is affecting start ups?

KL: I think co-working can be an exciting way forward for startups, if they are inspiring, creative and positive environments. I run my business from wherever I find inspiration on that day, be it the beach, my couch or a coffee shop. The beauty of technology is there is no real need for office spaces to hold pointless meetings anymore. The more flexibility in a working environment the better.

CD: Where do you see the company and the seminar going in the future?

KL: I hope that StartUp Creative is leading the way in fostering the growth of young entrepreneurs in Australia. The more stories we can tell of the successes of everyday young people who have turned their passion into their careers the more we can inspire and teach entrepreneurship as a career path for young Australians. Imagine the innovative and exciting cities we would live in if people were empowered to follow their ideas to the end.

The Details

What: StartUP Creative ‘What The Hell Am I Doing’? workshop

Where: Kirra Hill Community Centre, Gold Coast

When: 10:00am – 3:00pm  Saturday March the 7th

Cost: $99 get tickets here

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