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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 11, 2019

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Animor Designs

Animor Designs
Jennifer Brown

Animor Designs is a local Brisbane fashion label. Created and founded by Brisbane local Romina Lau Diaz. As well as making her outfits by hand, which is a talent in itself, Romina also brings something different to the fashion scene here in Brisbane that sets her apart. Her style could be somewhat described as contemporary, as her designs are quite out there and bold with the incredible pops of colour, intricate and dazzling fabrics and style. Having plenty of runways under her belt as well as RAW Showcases and magazine publications, Animor Designs is definitely a label to be on the look out for!

Romina was wonderful enough to answer some questions sent in to her so that we can learn a little bit more about this Brisbane Designer.

TCI: What was it that made you decide you want to make and design clothes?
Romina Lau: I come from a family of dressmakers and tailors…it’s in the blood! For a long time it was just a hobby, making dresses, vests and skirts. A couple of years ago I decided it was more than just a hobby, it became a passion when I realised I designed some interesting garments and was complimented often.

TCI: What do you enjoy most about fashion design?
RL: Diversity. There is so much you can do with design, it’s limitless and all up to the imagination of the designer. I also absolutely love how I can imagine a design, sketch it and then make it become a tangible product, that is pretty cool.

TCI: What are the biggest influences and inspirations to your style? Where do the ideas come from?
RL: My inspiration comes from anything and everything. From nature, shapes, patterns, fabrics, people, and even other designs. My bBiggest influences have to be other designers, most impressive is Hussein Chalayan and his futuristic and unique style. I love Christian Lacroix’s designs, they’re incredibly over the top. And I particularly like William Travilla’s work and incredible sketches as Costume Designer for Marilyn Monroe’s movies.

TCI: What do you love most about Brisbane?
RL: I think Brisbane City is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, and there are a lot of opportunities available for those seeking. It is growing in the creative field which is wonderful.

TCI: How would you describe your personal style? Is it similar to your label’s style?
RL: My personal style at home is usually casual, quite daggy haha but going out I like to dress up. Not necessarily similar to my label’s style but some elements of it, yes.

TCI: Which design are you most proud of or is your favourite?
RL: I love the outfits I did for my first runway, they’re unique, crazy and fun.  My most favourite outfit was the piece with the black front and white back (I don’t even have a name for it!)

TCI: What is the meaning behind the name of your label?
RL: Animor is just my name backwards! It’s the same name I used for my massage and fitness businesses in Canberra and many liked the name since it’s exotic so I just kept it.

TCI: Do you have any memorable moments with your label? Favourite fashion show etc.
RL: It would have to be my first fashion show with RAW ARTISTS, it was amazing the high I got from it and it was the craziest intense day!

TCI: If you could dress any celebrity for the red carpet, who would it be?
RL: At the moment I am quite impressed with Emma Watson who is an advocate for sustainable fashion and is influential in this matter, so any celebrities that are good role models and doing more for the environment I would love to dress.

TCI: Where would you like to see your label go in 5 years? What would be the ultimate goal?
RL: I am hoping to sell online and see how that goes but definitely ultimate goal is to be a costume designer for big films. I would love to have my input and crazy designs on the big screen!

TCI: Any cool upcoming projects with your designs soon?
RL: Not at the moment, just working towards selling online and seeing how that goes and building a portfolio for costume designs for films

So if you love supporting local designers and have a penchant for quirky cuts and striking design, Animor designs is one to check out!