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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 12, 2020

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Antony & Cleopatra's Alexander on their Huge Year

Antony & Cleopatra’s Alexander on their Huge Year

| On 30, Dec 2017

We recently caught up with Alexander Burnett from the Australian and British duo, Antony & Cleopatra. Alongside Anita Bay, Alexander has ticked off a long list of accomplishments this year. He let us in on their experiences from first meeting, to being signed to Universal‘s Dew Process.

Anita and Alexander introduced by their mutual friend Tieks, a local producer, a few years ago. At the time, Anita was working on her solo project. Alex joined her in writing a pop track.

“What came out was actually a kind of strange dance song and thus we thought that we should keep doing more of what then became Antony & Cleopatra.”

The duo wrapped up a huge year by signing with Dew Process. Alexander told us about what that has meant for them.

“We’ve pretty much been independent for the last few years and to have the the support and creative ideas of a label like Dew Process has been an absolute godsend. We are so much looking forward to 2018 and all the bits and bobs that we’ve started to collaborate on.”

If you caught any of the shows that were part of Alison Wonderland’s Scarehouse Project. You would have seent Antony & Cleopatra perform alongside acts like A$AP Ferg, Young Franco, and many other huge names. Alexander said that the tour was an ‘incredible’ experience.  

“We’ve made so many new music friends from around the world and really connected with new Oz fans in a way that we didn’t expect. We’re pretty exhausted though!”

“I believe that Alison’s camp were big fans of our single, “Dust” and reached out to see what our live plan was.”

Alex had previously met Alison while writing on her debut record. He says, “it was wicked to be a part of the tour from an artist point of view.”

Alison, Alexander says, is part of the movement promoting Australia’s talented artists. He told us a bit about what it’s like as an Australian musician to move his work over to the UK.

“There’s quite a bit of an Australian sound and scene emerging with the likes of Alison and Chris Whatsonot putting loads of attention on all the upcoming producers. [It’s] great to see it evolve every year and everyone seems to be connected but musically quite different. The UK is remarkably different as there are more segregated scenes such as say ‘house’ or ‘drum and bass’, of which there’s less crossover.”

Antony & Cleopatra also recently dropped their killer new track, Twitch.

“It’s a purely visceral song. We were jamming in the studio late one night and the drop jumped out…. We quickly put some vocals down about movement and we found that the reaction that you get when you twitch is quite relatable and fresh, so we went down that avenue.”

“We have some fantastic collaborations in the works as well as a bit more djing and another oz tour! Busy year!”

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