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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | July 11, 2020

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App of the month - Facetune

App of the month – Facetune

| On 20, Sep 2013

Facetune is an iPhone app that provides all the tools necessary to transform an image of a mediocre looking person into a runway ready model.

The cost of Facetune is $2.99, which in the app store might seem like a bit of a stretch, but it’s a much more cost effective way of looking good in photos than, say, buying a $299 outfit that you might only wear once.

If you purchase Facetune, chances are you’ll be using it time and time again.

The app has fun and easy to use tools which allow you to edit portrait images to a professional standard.



You can crop and reshape images, change the tone of individual colours, whiten teeth, remove blemishes, fix red eyes, smooth skin, enhance details and blur image backgrounds.

Facetune also provides twenty-five different image filters, the ability to lighten or darken the filters and different lens and framing options.

The ability to reshape images is one of the app’s most interesting – not to mention, entertaining features.

You can curve, straighten or adjust any part of your image until it looks right to you; be it a wonky eyebrow, crooked smile or an off center nose.

For instance, if you want a bigger smile you can curve your lips to create the angle you’re after.

Bastions, a reviewer of the product on the app store referred to it as “photoshop in your pocket,” while Liz.Sssss xx said it was “the best photo editor [she’s] ever used.”

You can purchase Facetune from the iPhone app store for $2.99.