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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | December 9, 2023

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AroundAbout: Brisbane's New Travel App

AroundAbout: Brisbane’s New Travel App

| On 06, Sep 2015

The Creative Issue was invited to watch a new FREE travel and social outing app officially launch in Brisbane, and it is sure to make your social life more productive and varied.

AroundAbout is a new and exciting way to explore places in your area. The app has been dubbed “Tinder for Tourism” and is taking the app and social media worlds by storm. AroundAbout already has over 3,500 Facebook likes, 4,000 Instagram followers and over 4,000 organic downloads since its launch in May.

If you have ever wondered what to do when you are heading out on a night out with your squad, where to dine with the family or simply things to do locally, AroundAbout has you covered. There are  three sections called Eat, Drink and Do, and with each section, app users are able to flip through restaurants, bars, clubs and other entertainment venues until they find the exact place that is perfect for their mood.



Since its launch, AroundAbout has become an international sensation with the app becoming fully functional in certain cities of Australia, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Hong Kong, New Zealand and is currently in the process of expanding into the American market.

AroundAbout is the perfect cure for boredom, aimlessly wondering what to do and wasting time doing something you have done for the hundredth time. Simply pick a category and pick what you want to drink, eat or do from the endless list of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, parklands, museums etc.


So quit complaining that there is nothing to do or that you are bored, I think it is Around About time, that you download AroundAbout to see for yourself that your undiscovered city is in the palm of your hands.