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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | May 15, 2021

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Art in Fashion: RHOR Designs

Art in Fashion: RHOR Designs

| On 10, May 2018

Imagine if artists like Van Gough, Klimt and Matisse had an online store? Amazing right! Imagine having the possibility to buy clothing with such intricate artwork on them that you can actually wear. Rhory Mackellar is making this idea a reality through her up and coming label, RHOR Designs. Rhory spends days, weeks, sometimes even months creating edgy designs that are so original and unbelievable to see. RHOR Designs focuses on pairing these designs with the simplicity of a classic tee, so whether you’re someone who is quirky and isn’t afraid to show it, or more of a minimalist, RHOR Designs is for you.



TCI: How did you come up with the idea for your brand?
RM: The art definitely came before the idea for the brand. I started to develop my own drawing style throughout grade 12, and it just so happened that that style was something a bit dark, edgy, and whacky. They’re usually pretty busy designs, so I thought they would be suited to the simplicity of a classic tee. I’ve had the idea for printing them on t-shirts ever since I started drawing them, but it was always just in the back of my mind and I never really did much to make it happen. It’s not something that I’m pursuing for money – I have very realistic expectations of how hard it is to ‘make it’ in the fashion industry. It’s a way of sharing my art with the world through an industry that I love – fashion. So for me the brand has always been, and always will be, founded in a passion for art. I hope that people enjoy wearing something a bit different as much as I do.

TCI: How long does it typically take for you to come up with your designs and draw them?
RM: Each design is always different, and some take a lot longer than others. Some designs take a couple of hours, some take days, weeks, months… I have a lot of drawings that I’ve started but never finished because they just weren’t working. But I go back to different ones at different times. In regards to my process of drawing, I like to just chill out let it happen naturally rather than force it, it’s always ugly if I force it. I can find it really frustrating and hard to come up with designs sometimes. The best designs I’ve produced are the ones I’ve drawn for fun, rather than the ones I’ve specifically designed for a t-shirt.

TCI: What are the influences behind your designs?
RM: I think I’m always influenced by different things. Sometimes I’ll randomly think of design (usually when I’m about to fall asleep) and I’ll jot it down in my phone as something that could be cool. If I’m stuck for inspiration I have a lot of street art books that really help. I think it’s super important to be inspired by other peoples work. Sometimes I’ll look at Picasso or Dali books and find bits of inspiration there. I’ve recently been to Japan, so at the moment I’m really trying to integrate traditional Japanese art into some of my newer designs. I think my style will definitely continue to evolve as a I see more.

TCI: How much are you selling your shirts for? And where? (so people know where to get a hold of them!)
RM: I’ll be selling them for $50 each, and they will be primarily sold through my website (when it is launched, hopefully very soon). I have had a go at selling them at markets, so I’ll probably continue that just around the Brisbane area from time to time. All will be advertised through Instagram and Facebook!

The RHOR Designs website will be launched in the next two weeks where you can add some of Rhory’s designs to your own wardrobe, so keep an eye out! If you can’t wait any longer to snatch one of her shirts up, check out her Instagram (rhordesigns) for updates on where she will be selling them next.

Images provided by: Rhory Mackellar