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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 12, 2022

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Art with a Twist: Bulimba's Hidden Gem

Art with a Twist: Bulimba’s Hidden Gem
Lucy Leyshon

Hidden away amidst the quiet suburban streets of Bulimba—adjacent to the cheerful, thriving café French Twist—is a large, inconspicuous warehouse. From the outside, it isn’t much to behold; but as soon as one steps inside the doors of the studio workshop for Art With Love, any doubts they may have towards the building’s interest factor will vanish completely.

Here, stretching upwards and backwards along the high corrugated walls are hundreds of paintings that can be attributed to the venue’s many patrons. The artworks showcase all different sizes and skill-levels, but it is clear that each one has indeed been fostered with care, enjoyment, and love.



Art with Love was set up by Florence natives Stephen Ninnes and Leticia Francini as part of an Italian foundation for the furthering of the old arts, which they believe may disappear from modern practice if not supported. As part of this effort, from 8 to 11am on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Art with Love‘s weekly classes were established to promote these art forms here in Brisbane.

The classes serve not only as an opportunity to paint and improve guests’ art skills through the use of free canvases, brushes, and palettes, but also to share, learn, and cherish time with others in the environment that Ninnes and Francini have created. The warehouse space is filled with cosy mismatched antique furniture and paint-splattered tables, and its proximity to French Twist is another huge attraction: visitors are able to order a takeaway coffee at the café before they head next door to begin painting, and a few minutes later their order will be brought through for them.



Is there anything better than painting pictures and sipping coffee in beautifully-decorated, atmospheric spaces on bright early mornings? Definitely not. Not only is Art with Love a great way to kick off a weekend or do something fun without spending any money, but it’s mission is an honourable one, and it’s wonderful to see the fine arts being supported and protected through programs such these.

What: Art With Love
Where: French Twist Café
When: Mondays & Wednesdays (8am-11am)
How Much: Free
Website: Art With Love Foundation
Facebook: Art With Love Foundation

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