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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | September 18, 2020

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Artist Hive - An Interview

Artist Hive – An Interview
Matilda Butler
You may have heard us drop the name, “Artist Hive” by now. You may also know that this hive of artists is showcasing their work at our event tomorrow night. What you may not know, is exactly who they are, what they do and why. We asked them a few questions this week and their answers are below…
Can you tell us what Artist Hive is all about?
We are a network based hive of artists and we work to give our members opportunities in business, commercial and government sectors. Basically we link artists to the people who need them, whether that be venues, event managers, festival directors, council initiatives or anyone in between, (often whether they are aware they need artists or not! Which means we create a lot of projects). We link the jobs to the artists and also offer help with arts funding and training opportunities. We’re excited to have been a part of the growing art scene in Brisbane for a decade and are always on the lookout for new ideas and collaborations.
Who started it up?
Dave’s been in the industry for years both as a practicing artist and arts worker; completing art contracting work in all kinds of places for business and local government (like murals and chalk arts and retail) as well as running an Artist initiative, spaces, a gallery, workshops and lots of exhibitions and events. All of those years of experimenting, collaborating, networking and project development have all been revised, distilled and rebranded into the ‘Artist Hive’. Along with a healthy dose of inspiration and a wish to see artists make the most of their skills and talents, Pepper brings her administrative and project management experience to the team, and also her love of pirate jokes and the word ‘ace’.
What’s your goal?Our primary goal is to facilitate and empower independent visual artists.  We believe that artists contribute valuable qualities to society and that in our experience many artists lead difficult lives where they are often unable to develop their unique style and gift at the same time as lead a comfortable and rewarding personal lives, no matter how hard they are willing to work.  Whether its a matter of connecting artists with opportunities, providing well paid regular work through creating projects with contracts for artists, or just up-skilling artists to work in professional/business relationships, our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable business structure which supports creative visual artists whilst enriching local culture and fostering relationships between local businesses, councils and community.
How do you see Brisbane’s artistic scene developing?In terms of art business, we think we will see the rise of businesses and organizations operating on self-sustaining models developing consumer markets for the local cultural producers, and away from one-off funding based projects.
In terms of creative culture, we think the scene is developing very well and is 100% on what it was 10-15 years ago, there are so many ARI’s and small galleries around which just didnt exist back then, plus there are vibrant creative precincts like kelvin grove and lots of independent businesses like ours.  It used to be that much of Brisbane’s talent was always siphoned off to Melbourne and Sydney but these days it seems less than it was.  Lots of collaborations, ARI’s and cross genre experimental programs seem to be standard these days.
Do you have any specific hopes for Brisbane’s art scene?
Hopefully there can be a rise in art consumerism as that ought really to be a key goal in our industry.
What can we expect to see on Thursday night?

A display of local talent, and an example of Artist Hives program of facilitating creative and business partnerships.


We are so excited to see some of their work on Thursday night. Go on to their Facebook to get a sneak preview of the kind of stuff they have done. Exhibiting artists include:

Travis Hendrix
Dave Behrens
Alice Gould
Ria Willering
David Hooper
S.J. Lahy
Mace Robertson