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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | August 12, 2020

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Artist Interview: Elle-May Leckenby

Artist Interview: Elle-May Leckenby

| On 01, Mar 2014

Elle-May Leckenby, one part of the Elta Imagery, a name that is currently under construction to help label when Elle-May and Theresa Fryer work together on projects, will be showcasing at the upcoming Creative Drinks event.

Theresa Fryer (left) and Elle-May Leckenby

Theresa Fryer (left) and Elle-May Leckenby (right)

CD: What is your art medium of choice and why?
Elle-May:Camera; it captures nature, my mind, the things I want to create!

CD: Have you ever tried focusing on a different medium?
Elle-May: I’ve tried learning instruments, painting, sewing, if they count?

Image by Elle-May Leckenby

Image by Elle-May Leckenby

CD: When did you begin focusing on camera work?
Elle-May: When I was around 15 I realised I really enjoyed taking images. I’ve seriously considered doing it as a living ever since I’ve left school. To be honest it’s all I’ve really considered.

CD: What has been your biggest inspiration to date?
Elle-May: It’s so hard to say. Definitely places I’ve travelled recently, Africa, New Zealand and New York (I know that’s more than one!) But going to all these places inspired me in different but just as impacting ways!

CD: What is the one thing you find yourself constantly capturing?
Elle-May: I guess fashion/clothing. I blog about this daily so it pushes me to constantly capture imagery for different labels in a refreshing way. I love doing this so much!

CD: What do you hope to get out of exhibiting at our Creative Drinks event?
Elle-May: Just to connect and be inspired by other artists too. I am sure it will be exciting to get in touch with locals as well!

CD: Without thinking too heavily into it, can you creatively take a photo of the first item you see to your left?